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Newsreels: 1951 December 18

Public Domain Stock Footage Newsreels: 1951 December 18

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keywords: tragedies, aircraft crash, curtiss c-46 commando, aeronautics, collier award, president harry s. truman, helicopter developer igor sikorsky, cold war, vice-president alben w. barkley, korean war comments, sports, bolivarian games, little olympics, nato jet fighter manufacturing, gloster meteor jet fighter, gorilla baby bobo, will lowman family, ski jumping, night ski jumping, day ski jumping, toger tokle memorial jump event, jumper art devlin, jumper merrill mezzy barber

Synopsis: Plane Crash In New York All Passengers And Crew Perish, Vice-President Barkley Back From Tour Of Asia, The Bolivarian Games Of South America, The Collier Award Given To Helicopter Development, A Baby Gorilla Named Bobo, Jet Planes For NATO Is An International Collaboration, Bear Mountain NY Starts Its Ski Season...(read more)

  • Date: 1951
  • Duration: 00:06:37
  • Sound: Yes
  • Color: Monochrome
  • Type: Public Domain
  • Language: English
  • Location: United States, Western Europe, Venezuela

Newsreels: 1951 December 18

Plane Crash In New York All Passengers And Crew Perish

The second worst air disaster in U.S. history takes the lives of fifty-six passengers and crew, when a C-46 non-scheduled airliner falls in flames shortly after a taking off from Newark. The huge craft narrowly missed plummeting into congested city streets.

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The Collier Award Given For Helicopter Development

President Harry S. Truman presents the Collier Aviation Award to civilian and military leaders responsible for development of the helicopter, a craft which has done outstanding work in rescue operations in Korea.

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Vice-President Barkley Back From Tour Of Asia

Vice President Barkley and his wife return home by air during a blizzard, with hopes high for armistice in Korea. The Vice President toured the front lines to get his first-hand impressions of ongoing war.

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The Bolivarian Games Of South America

The Bolivarian Games, South America’s Little Olympics, gets underway to a spectacular start in newly-built stadium. Athletes from five Latin American nations compete in events.

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Jet Planes For NATO Is An International Collaboration

British-designed Meteor jets are built in a Dutch factory rebuilt with ECA funds from the U.S., aluminum from Canada and with engines built in Belgium. International collaboration for Europe’s defense of freedom.

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A Baby Gorilla Named Bobo

Bobo, a 5-month-old, 18-pound gorilla, whose parents were killed when he was captured in Africa, is being raised as one of the family by Will Lowman.

Note: Bobo was later sold to the the Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle WA where the beloved animal became a major tourist attraction and International super-star in his own right and remained there until passing away in 1968.

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Bear Mountain NY Starts Its Ski Season

Night ski jumping with the aid of flares and the annual Tokle Memorial Jump, get the season off to an exciting start. Day or night, the going is rough for these daring ski-birds.

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