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keywords: san francisco ca 1978, golden gate bridge, san francisco street cars, street vendors, street musicians, street performers, the mime, cattle ranching 1970's, cowboys, cowhands, cattle herding, cattle branding, cattle auction, san antonio tx 1970's, the alamo, the river walk, mexican rodeo, horsemanship, food vendors, parade of floats, fireworks, new orleans la 1970's, port of new orleans, tugboats, barges, bourbon street sign, loading and unloading cargo, avery island la 1970's, mcilhenny's tabasco sauce, avery island salt mine, tabasco peppers

Synopsis: San Francisco CA Street Scenes, Cowboy Ralph Austin Cattle Rancher, San Antonio TX Street Scenes, New Orleans LA Port And Street Scenes, Avery Island Home Of McIlhenny Tabasco Sauce...(read more)

  • Date: 1970's
  • Duration: 00:26:28
  • Sound: Yes
  • Color: Color
  • Type: Public Domain
  • Language: English
  • Location: United States

Flashback: 1970's - Volume 6

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Flashback: 1970's - Volume 6 Reel-1

Shot List:

San Francisco CA Street Scenes 1970's


Street scenes of San Francisco California in 1978, automobiles, people, and a street car with high rise buildings in the background. Shows the Transamerica Pyramid skyscraper office building with street car in FG.


Zoom-out shot of the Golden Gate Bridge to groups of people and tourist having picture take. Shows street vendors and a street artist drawing caricatures or cartoon-like portraits.


Street musicians, street clowns applying make-up. Street performers interact with the tourist.


Head-on shot as street car approaches and passes camera.


San Francisco street scenes of musicians and people watching, kids playing the violin. Jugglers dressed as clowns.


CU small white dog doing tricks. Views of the crowds as they watch street performers in San Francisco, California in the 1970s.

Cowboy Ralph Austin Cattle Rancher 1970's


Real working cowboys (ranch hands) herding, roping, and branding cattle on a cattle ranch. CU shot branding a calf with branding iron. Modern day cowboys herding cattle.


Scenes at a livestock or cattle auction, hear voice of auctioneer (audio of auctioneer). Cattle in holding pins.


Shows an American airlines Boeing 727-200 passenger plane coming in for landing at Washington National Airport, commercial jet airliner taxing with the Capitol Building in Washington DC in far BG.


Shows meeting of the Farm Credit Administration (FCA) Board in Washington DC. Shows business men in a meeting in a conference room. Image of the Capitol Building in Washington DC in the 1970s. Shows a rancher meeting with his Congressman.


Shows a business man dressed in a suit entering a Metro taxi cab in Washington DC.


Cowboy with dog herding cattle.

San Antonio TX Street Scenes 1970's


Scenes of the Alamo in San Antonia, Texas.


Image of the Tower of the Americas and scenes of the River Walk, also known as the Paseo de Rio, in San Antonia, Texas.


Scenes of the annual Charro Gala or Fiesta in San Antonio, Texas. Scenes of Charros (horsemen from Mexico) competing in coleadero y charreada, a specific type of Mexican rodeo. Shows steer tailing (Colas en el Lienzo or Coleadero) event. Crowds of people, cooking food, lively Mexican music and dancers. More scenes of people along the River Walk. Fireworks at night and the Queen of the Charro Gala on a boat.

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Flashback: 1970's - Volume 6 Reel-2

Shot List:

New Orleans LA Port And Street Scenes 1970's


Foggy night on the Mississippi River as a tugboat moves upriver. Sunset shows skyline of New Orleans, Louisiana. Various scenes of the Port of New Orleans. Line of ships moving in the channel, dockside cargo or container cranes.


Shows a tugboat maneuvering a river barge. Image of an engine order telegraph (E.O.T) or chadburn.


Street scenes of New Orleans, Louisiana. Shows tourist on horse drawn carriage. Image of Bourbon street sign and Ceazy Shirley's, ornate street light with "Pirate Alley" street sign. Low aerial view of the harbor area, river, and rail yards in New Orleans. Cranes loading and unloading containers, construction equipment, and cargo. Loading bulk grain into hold of ship. General seaport activity ships, cranes, forklifts, stevedores and dock workers.


Scenes of various cargo ships. Shows a fire boat spraying water.

Avery Island Home Of McIlhenny's Tabasco Sauce 1970's


Scenic beauty and scenes of flowers and wildlife on Avery Island, Iberia Parish, Louisiana.


Shows a salt processing plant on Avery Island. Scenes of equipment working in the salt mine.


Scenes of the Home of Tabasco Sauce where the Mcllhennys and their employees live and work as they have for generations. Shows Tabasco Sauce mash topped by a thick layer of salt fermenting in oak wooden barrels. Shows green house of pepper plants. Woman stirring Tabasco Sauce mash after salt seal is removed. Tabasco Sauce bottling line. More views of Avery Island.


Scenes of wildlife on Avery Island.

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