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Newsreels: 1951 - November 12

Public Domain Stock Footage Newsreels 1951 November 12

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keywords: middle east, suez canal crisism, korean war, wwii p-51 mustang fighters, napalm bombing, crippled b-26 bomber, fashion show, vintage clothing, actress ann blyth, actress joyce holden, actress susan ball, actress wanda hendricks, actress lynn bari, actress piper laurie, sports, college football, rose bowl, usc trojans, stanford indians, football player bob mathias, michigan state spartans, notre dame fighting irish

Synopsis: Suez Canal Crisis Continues, Air War In Korea Uses WWII Aircraft, Hollywood Starlets Model Historical Costumes, College Football: Stanford vs. Southern California, College Football: Michigan State vs. Notre Dame...(read more)

  • Date: 1951
  • Duration: 00:06:37
  • Sound: Yes
  • Color: Monochrome
  • Type: Public Domain
  • Language: English
  • Location: United States, Middle East, Korea

Newsreels: 1951 - November 12

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Suez Canal Crisis Continues

The grim struggle for control of the vital Suez Canal continues with the British reinforcing their garrison with troops flown in from Cyprus and other bases. Terrorist threats and reprisals force 'Tommies' to work as stevedores, and guns guard the vital seaway linking East and West. Ship passes through Suez Canal.

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Air War In Korea Uses WWII Aircraft

Despite increased enemy ground fire and threats of Russian jet interception, propeller-driven Mustangs continue to blast enemy positions on ridges with rockets and jelly napalm bombs. Behind the front, a crippled B-26 bomber comes in for a belly landing crash landing after being damaged in battle.

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Hollywood Starlets Model Historical Costumes

Film stars parade in historical costumes during colorful style show before the ladies of the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers. Ann Blyth, Joyce Holden, Susan Ball, Wanda Hendricks, Lynn Bari, and Piper Laurie model costumes they wear in new Universal feature pictures.

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College Football Stanford vs Southern California

96,000 fans see battle of titans, with USC Trojans and Stanford Indians fighting crucial Rose Bowl contest. Spectacular 96-yard kickoff return by Bob Mathias of Stanford is highlight of thrill-packed clash featuring long runs and daring passes.

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College Football Michigan State vs Notre Dame

The game hailed as close-fought thriller winds up a one-sided contest featuring power and skill of Michigan State Spartans. Notre Dame is completely outclassed in lopsided game won by Spartans, 35-0, making them the nation’s No. 1 team.

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