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Newsreels: 1944 - August 31

Public Domain Stock Footage Newsreels 1944 August 31

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keywords: wwii, france, british lancaster bomber, military voting cards, us government politics, president-elect dr. ramon grau sam martin of cuba, dr. v.k. wellington koo of china, personal helicopter, hillercopter, yale aviation cadets, physical fitness, mass calisthenics, texas, pretty girls, melon crop

Synopsis: End Is Near For Nazis In France, President-Elect Dr. Ramon Grau Sam Martin Of Cuba and Ambassador Dr. V.K. Wellington Koo Of China Visit US, The Future Of Helicopters Is Shown, Air Cadets Take Part In Mass Calisthenics, Texan Beauties Help To Save Local Melon Crop, Pro Golfer Byron Nelson Wins Tournament...(read more)

  • Date: 1944
  • Duration: 00:07:25
  • Sound: Yes
  • Color: Monochrome
  • Type: Public Domain
  • Language: English
  • Location: United States

Newsreels: 1944 - August 31

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End Is Near For Nazis In France

Precision Bombing—Huge British Lancaster Bombers dump 6-ton bombs on U-boat pens at Brest, while other bombers tear up Nazi communication lines, making retreat a more frenzied problem. Bombs falling from plane and explosions on the ground.

Canadians Close in On the 7th—From Falaise the Canadians apply the squeeze on the Nazi 7th Army, capturing large segments of this once proud military organization, now frazzled and hungry. Then the Canadians advance through burning towns. Canadian tank fires machine at fleeing German troops. Captured Germans with hands behind hear march to rear and are fed. French theater WWII. Falaise pocket.

Americans Yanks in Le Mans are greeted. Civilians round up enemy collaborators. Civilian life returns to normal as shops offer an array of goods. American Bars are opened and De Gaulle’s picture and food stuffs find a ready sale.

G.I. Voting Cards—Yanks line up to secure their application cards for ballots from their respective home states.

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President-Elect Dr. Ramon Grau Sam Martin Of Cuba and Ambassador Dr. V.K. Wellington Koo Of China Visit US

Dr. Ramon Grau Sam Martin, president elect of the island republic, arrives in Washington D.C., Dr. V.K Wellington Koo, head of Chinese delegation to Dumbarton Oaks parleys, arrives in Washington D.C.

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The Future Of Helicopters Is Shown

Stanley Hiller, 19-year-old inventor, demonstrates his coaxial bladed helicopter in Berkley California, a ship that has rigid blades and no tail rotor.

Filene’s Department Store delivers cartons of cigarettes to patients at the Veteran’s Hospital in West Roxbury with an ultra-modern helicopter.

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Air Cadets Take Part In Mass Calisthenics

Aviation Cadets at the A.A.F. Training Command School at Yale, take part in mass calisthenics in Yale Bowl. Sgt. Beranek demonstrates his technique in setting his world record of 6,034 sit-ups in 6 hours.

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Texan Beauties Help To Save Local Melon Crop

Local co-ed beauties save the watermelon crop as they rush to the aid of local melon growers in Texas.

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Pro Golfer Byron Nelson Wins Tournament

Byron Nelson becomes King of the Fairways as he wins 1944 Tam O’Shanter Golf Tournament. His first prize winnings of $10,100 runs his year’s earning to $33,000.

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