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Newsreels: 1944 - September 28

Public Domain Stock Footage Newsreels: 1944 - September 28

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keywords: wwii, european theater, operation market garden, general patton 3rd army, german internment camp, german-occupied france, general patch 7th army, german pows, prisoner of war

Synopsis: Battle Rages Along Nazi Westwall, Allies Drive To Southern Gate Of Reich...(read more)

  • Date: 1944
  • Duration: 00:05:36
  • Sound: Yes
  • Color: Monochrome
  • Type: Public Domain
  • Language: English
  • Location: France, Germany

Newsreels: 1944 - September 28

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Battle Rages Along Nazi Westwall

An air train Army, over 285 miles in length, and containing over 2,000 planes and gliders, crosses the English Channel in Operation Market Garden. British and American tanks roll through Eindhoven to the cheers of the Dutch people.

Patton's Third Army captures part of the Maginot Line. Shows the captured larger artillery guns replaced by the Germans on the Maginot Line firing and shelling Germany over the Moselle River. Shows U.S. troops fighting in the streets of Eupen, Germany. The people of Roetgen, Germany, near the Eupen forest, are cool to the entry of the Allied Forces. Occasional families show forced smiles, but the children are trusting of the invaders. Shows captured German POWs laying on ground.

In Vittel, France 2100 American and British civilians were interned as prisoners in Frontstalag 121, a German internment camp or detention center (Internierungslager-abbreviated as Ilag) for foreign civilians trapped when the German army occupied the area. CU of group of British and American civilians interned as prisoners. Shows the Little Sisters of The Poor in Vittel France that cared for the aged and sick among the American and British civilian prisoners at the internment camp. Aaron Rappaport from New York, with his three daughters, and William Erwin of Philadelphia are among the interned civilians happy to be liberated. Shows large group of civilian prisoners with American flag at German Ilag camp at Vittel, France.

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Allies Drive To Southern Gate Of Reich

American General Patch's 7th Army in Southern France as German forces flee north. French and American soldiers clean out German snipers from hospital in French city. CU, U.S. soldier firing M1 rifle, shows attack on hospital as French civilians duck for cover. Shows celebration of French civilians. Brief image of French General De Gaulle. Shows destroyed and dead soldiers of the retreating German 19th Army as Allied forces move up the Rhone Valley. Shows U.S. 7th Army troops entering Bourg en Bresse France where the women hang out “Thanks You” signs, then try to kiss every U.S soldier in sight.

20,000 German soldiers march up to a gun pile in formation and throw down their arms in surrender. The German POWs then enter a large fenced POW compound. 18,850 German soldiers and 754 German officers under command of German Major-General Botho Henning Elster surrender to American Major-General Robert C. Macon Commander of the U.S. 83rd Infantry Division near Orleans, France. German Major-General Botho Henning Elster hands his pistol to American Major-General Robert C. Macon.

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