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Newsreels: 1944 - October 5

Public Domain Stock Footage Newsreels 1944 October 5

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keywords: wwii, european theater, operation market garden, air assault nijmegen, liberation of luxemburg, siegfried line, home front, bell p-59 airacomet jet aircraft, former governor of new york al smith, pacific theater, us navy, sea rescue, downed pilots, sports, pro baseball, world series, game one, browns vs. cardinals

Synopsis: The Modern Air Assault Debuts At Nijmegen, America's First Jet-Powered Plane Ushers In The Modern Jet Age, US Mourns The Passing Of Former NY Governor Al Smith, Navy Demonstrates Rescue At Sea For Downed Pilots, 1944 Baseball World Series Game 1 Browns vs. Cardinals...(read more)

  • Date: 1944
  • Duration: 00:07:36
  • Sound: Yes
  • Color: Monochrome
  • Type: Public Domain
  • Language: English
  • Location: United States, Europe

Newsreels: 1944 - October 5

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The Modern Air Assault Debuts At Nijmegen

A giant air armada appearing over Nijmegen Holland in the Netherlands. Paratroopers of the First Allied Airborne Army (1st Allied Airborne Army) that included the American 82nd and 101st Airborne Divisions fill the sky with thousands of descending parachutes and gliders.

The British 2nd Army tank units calmly watch their descent—then the Allies, aided by Dutch civilians, proceed to render the approaches to the vital bridge at Nijmegen, safe. By this spectacular junction of armies one of the roads into Germany is kept open. Operation Market Garden, Dutch Holland theater WWII. Great scenes of the Nijmegen bridge over the Waal River (Rhine River or Rhein River) as Allied troops, tanks, and vehicles move across. The people of Luxembourg greet the Allied troops, burn painting of Hitler showing hatred of the Nazis. Allied tanks fire and destroy tank barriers of the Siegfried Line. The steel and concrete west wall of German defense is shattered as Allied troops move into Germany.

The Allies are greeted with a sign Welcome in Luxemburg as they roll into liberated Dutch land. The natives form into a cheering parade, then they are addressed by their returned Prince Felix. Hitler’s picture is burned, and again Luxembourg is rid of its militant neighbor, Germany.

Near Roetgen, Germany Yank armor is stopped cold by the vaunted Siegfried Line, with its hidden pillboxes, tank traps and concrete dragon teeth. When Yank artillery goes to work on it however, the pieces start to fly, and a road is blown right through the debris. and the march of our armor and infantry resumes.

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America's First Jet-Powered Plane Ushers In The Modern Jet Age

U.S. War Department reveals America’s first jet propelled plane in action. Two huge jets send the P-59 skyward in a flash, where it swoops and speeds like a comet.

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US Mourns The Passing Of Former NY Governor Al Smith

Al Smith, American citizen — the Man with the Brown Derby — dies in New York, his home town. We present a brief review of the life of this man who rose from the Sidewalks of New York to become Presidential nominee.

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Navy Demonstrates Rescue At Sea For Downed Pilots

U.S. Navy shows latest techniques for the rescue of our pilots who are forced down at sea. Planes, blimps and helicopters co-ordinate to drop boats, then lower life-lines which haul the drenched pilot to safety in the hovering airships.

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1944 Baseball World Series Game 1 Browns vs. Cardinals

The Browns, Cinderella winner of the American League flag, cross bats with the Cardinals, repeat winner in the National League. Although the Brownies make only two hits, they convert them into a 2 to 1 win over the Cards.

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