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Underground Vaults In Case Of Nuclear Attack

Public Domain Stock Footage Underground Vaults In Case Of Nuclear Attack

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keywords: cold war, iron mountain atomic storage vaults, nuclear war bunker

Synopsis: Iron Mountain a converted played out iron mine shifts from mushroom farming to a secure underground vault with plenty of concrete and steel designed to safeguard treasures from nuclear war...(read more)

  • Date: 1951
  • Duration: 00:01:53
  • Sound: No
  • Color: Monochrome
  • Type: Public Domain
  • Language: English
  • Location: United States

Underground Vaults In Case Of Nuclear Attack

Underground Vault To Safeguard Treasures In Case Of Nuclear Attack

An old iron mine has been converted into an underground vault to safeguard treasures in case of an atom bomb attack. Sign reads Iron Mountain Atomic Storage Vaults 1951. Shows front of vault building and main vault door leading to the vaults being opened.