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keywords: un, united nations, world aid for children, fashion design, men's hat designs, designer kenneth hopkins, amateur sports, motorcycle mud racing, sports, wrestling, heavyweight wrestling champion wild bill longson, pro wrestler bill watson, post wwii, german reconstruction projects, berlin anhalter train station, dutch royal family, former first lady eleanor roosevelt, england, tragedies, train accident

Synopsis: American Children March For UN Aid For Children, The Future Hat Styles For Men, Seattle Motorcycle Mud Derby, Wrestler Wild Bill Longson Retains Championship, Post-WWII Reconstruction Of Berlin Germany, Dutch Royalty Honors Former First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt, Train Wreck In England Possibly Caused By Mystery Passenger (2007-154f.txt)...(read more)

  • Date: 1948
  • Duration: 00:07:19
  • Sound: Yes
  • Color: Monochrome
  • Type: Public Domain
  • Language: English
  • Location: United States, England, Germany, Holland

Newsreels: 1948 - April 26

American Children March For UN Aid For Children

Thousands of American youngsters, some dressed in costumes of their ancestral homes, brighten Broadway in a monster parade, staged by the N.Y. Committee American Overseas Aid U.N. Appeal for Children.

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The Future Hat Styles For Men

They’re new, and different – and they’re quite goofy. This array of mad millinery for men, tossed together by Designer Hopkins, will give the gals a laugh for a change. We hope it’s not the beginning of a new fad.

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Seattle Motorcycle Mud Derby

The Mud Run, one of the goofiest, gooey-est races on record, is run around a rugged course, mud-covered, and through a morass of puddles that stall some of the entrants. The winner is unrecognizable.

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Wrestler Wild Bill Longson Retains Championship

Wild Bill Longson retains his wrestling title but both he and his opponent, Bill Watson of England, end up outside the ring and are counted out. Until then, Watson demonstrates some amazing holds.

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Post-WWII Reconstruction Of Berlin Germany

In Berlin, the war damaged Anhalter Station, menace to safety, is blasted by skilled demolition crews. In Cologne, work of reconstruction on the famed Gothic Cathedral continues. While in Hamburg, thousands jam streetcars and stadium to see soccer game, buy tickets on the black market.

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Dutch Royalty Honors Former First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt

Royal greetings, gifts, and a University degree are conferred upon Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt, during her brief visit in Holland. Huge throngs hail the former U.S. First Lady.

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Train Wreck In England Possibly Caused By Mystery Passenger

A soldier who pulled the emergency cord in order to get off near his home caused this shocking tragedy, in which scores died or were injured. Mail train plowed into rear of the stalled express.

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