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keywords: WWII, Baby Defense Bonds, Treasury Secretary Henry Morgenthau, Groom Jimmy Roosevelt, Bride Romelle Schneider, First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt, WWII Draft, President NYSE William McChesney Martin Jr., British Civil Defense, Navy Training Blimp L-2 Crash, New Jersey Wildfire, Women Aviation Pilots, Pro Baseball Team Dodgers, US Champion Diver Helen Crlenkovich

Synopsis: Baby Bonds For WWII Defense, Jimmy Roosevelt Weds Nurse, Stock Exchange Head Drafted For WWII, The Battle of WWII Britain, Navy Blimp Crashes in Swamp, Fires Sweep Jersey Woodland, Female Aviation Pilots In Training, Giants Top Dodgers in Pro Baseball Opener, Pretty Diving Star Shows How To Dive (2007-264f/2007-265f)...(read more)

  • Date: 1941
  • Duration: 00:08:17
  • Sound: Yes
  • Color: Monochrome
  • Type: Public Domain
  • Language: English
  • Location: United States

Newsreels: 1941 - April 17

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Baby Bonds For WWII Defense

First of the Treasury Department’s Defense financing stamps and bonds roll off the presses, prelude to a nation-wide campaign to pay for our huge preparedness program. Treasury Secretary Morgenthau urges all Americans to enlist in the drive. Members of the Price-Control Board created by President Roosevelt. Leon Henderson is head of the group.

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Jimmy Roosevelt Weds Nurse

The President’s eldest son, and his former nurse, Romelle Schneider, are married in simple ceremonies at the home of friends. The First Lady, Eleanor Roosevelt, arrives by plane in time for the nuptials.

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Stock Exchange Head Drafted

William McChesney Martin Jr., $49,000-a-year President of the New York Stock Exchange, is inducted into the draft army, along with a former page boy who was earning $16 a week. Both take pay cuts!

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The Battle of Britain

London stores its debris and masonry from bomb-wrecked buildings in Hyde Park, while intensive drills are staged to acquaint all persons with gas mask technique and procedure.—Britain’s new mobile defense batteries can be rushed to any danger zone—and speak in a way any Dictator could understand. Citizens wearing gas masks.

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Navy Blimp Crashes in Swamp

Like a hobgoblin in distress, the Navy’s new training blimp, L-2, ends up in a tangled mass of fabric after falling into a swamp during a take-off. The crew is unhurt, but it’s a big job to salvage the wreckage.

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Fires Sweep Jersey Woodland

The worst forest fires in years ravage thousands of acres. Wardens and volunteers battle the flames by day and night, as damage runs into the millions of dollars!

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Female Aviation Pilots In Training

Preparing for aviation jobs in peace or war, girls and women by the hundreds are learning to fly—and doing it fast! At the Emery-Riddle School, they learn from the ground up and up they go! Mass flying by top-notch girl pilots!

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Giants Top Dodgers in Opener

The National League pennant race gets off to a gala start for Giant fans, as the Terrymen defeat the home-pride lads in a bang-up exhibition of baseball. The final score is 6-4.

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US Diving Champion Helen Crlenkovich Shows Us How To Dive

Helen Crlenkovich, U.S. champ, demonstrates the new technique for diving instruction, beginning with safety-belt dives to gain confidence. The final tests are the most fun—and thrilling to watch!

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