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Newsreels: 1944 - April 20

Public Domain Stock Footage Newsreels: 1944 - April 20

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keywords: wwii, fighter pilot, air ace capt. dominic s. gentile, dfc medal ceremony, general dwight d. eisenhower, italian front, easter ceremony, naples war refugees, us federal prosecution, sedition act, lois de lafayette, joe mcwilliams, elizabeth dilling, babies, mrs. muriel banchant, banchant triplets, mrs. eleanor zarief, zarief quadruplets, mobile anti-aircraft guns, fashion, hand-painted blouses, joan kenley art, sports, pro baseball, new york giants, boston braves, national baseball league opener

Synopsis: Top Air Force Ace Decorated at U.S Fighter Base in England, Yank's Italian Easter and Refugee Problem in Italy, The Sedition Trials, Baby Mass Production, Texas Sky Shooting, Joan Kenley Blouses, New York Giants vs Boston Braves in National League Opener (2007-263f.txt)...(read more)

  • Date: 1944
  • Duration: 00:08:27
  • Sound: Yes
  • Color: Monochrome
  • Type: Public Domain
  • Language: English
  • Location: United States, Europe, Italy

Newsreels: 1944 - April 20

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Captain Dominic S. Gentile Receives WWII Distinguished Flying Cross

General Dwight D. Eisenhower pins the DSC on Captain Don Gentile and his fighter Group Commander, Colonel Blakelee, and compliments them for their manly feats.

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WWII Allies Spend Easter Amidst A Refugee Crisis in Italy

A two-hour Easter armistice enables the Yanks to observe Easter properly. Impressive Catholic and Protestant services are held, boys pray in their fox holes—and the entire proceedings are broadcast across No Man’s Land, for German ears. The Allied Control Commission humanely handles the thousands of pathetic refugees who require clothing, food and bivouac until the tides of war roll by. Shows many women, children, and baby refugees.

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30 Defendants Prosecuted Under The Smith Act For WWII Sedition

The case of the U.S. Government vs. 30 assorted defendants (accused of conspiring to overthrow the United States for a Nazi set-up, largely by insidious activity among our military forces) comes to bar. The defendants are a virile lot, all coolly aware of the serious charges against them—excepting Mrs. Lois de Lafayette Washburn of Chicago, she fascist salutes so much that the others avoid her. As the trial opens, history is made, for this is the largest number of defendants ever arraigned in an American sedition trial. Some of the defendants were Joe McWilliams, Lawrence Dennis, Elizabeth Dilling and others. The prosecutor was O. John Rogge.

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Bachant Triplets And Zarief Quadruplets

Mrs. Zarief and her new quadruplets meets Mrs. Bachant and her new triplets. When the noise subsides, Mrs. Van Coutren presents a handful of bonds to the babies, to open “Buy a Bond for Baby” Campaign.

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WWII Trainees Show Off Their Mobile Anti-Aircraft Gunnery

Shows Antiaircraft Artillery trainees learning to shoot on the go.

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Joan Kenley Blouses

Washable hand-painted blouses are introduced at the Waldorf-Astoria by Joan Kenley. We watch the artists paint them—then learn that the picture blouses come in a diversity of styles, and are priced about the same as a man’s shirt.

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New York Giants vs Boston Braves In National League Opener

Thousands attend as the New York Giants trim the Boston Braves 2 to 1 in National Baseball League opener in big town.

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