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keywords: Natural Disasters, Earthquake, Maria Madre Island, Islas Marias Federal Penal Colony, Cold War, Berlin Germany, Berlin Blockade, Berlin Airlift, Operation Vittles, Hollywood Icon Bob Hope, Composer Irving Berlin, General Lucius Clay, Army Sec Kenneth Royall, Sports, College Football, 35th Rose Bowl Game, Northwestern Wildcats, California Golden Bears, The Cotton Bowl, SMU Mustangs, Oregon Webfoots, The Orange Bowl, Texas Longhorn, Georgia Bulldogs, The Sugar Bowl, Oklahoma Sooners, North Carolina Tar Heels, Pro Boxing Match, Snoqualmie Pass, Ski Jumping Competition

Synopsis: Earthquake In Progress Caught Live On Camera, Berlin Airlift Fliers Celebrated For Their Daring Feat, 1949 Rose Bowl College Football, 1949 Cotton Bowl College Football, 1949 Orange Bowl College Football, 1949 Sugar Bowl College Football, Boxing Match, Snoqualmie Pass High Jump Ski Competition (2007-175f.txt)...(read more)

  • Date: 1949
  • Duration: 00:10:04
  • Sound: PARTIAL
  • Color: Monochrome
  • Type: Public Domain
  • Language: English
  • Location: United States, Maria Madre Island, Unknown

Newsreels: 1949 - January 3

Earthquake In Progress Caught Live On Camera

Rare films of an earthquake in progress! Actual scenes as earthquake struck. The newsreel camera records terrifying drama of trembler in action, shattering penal colony on Maria Madre Island. Relief supplies are flown in. As buildings crumble many convicts fall to their knees in prayer. Disaster footage.

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Berlin Airlift Fliers Celebrated For Their Daring Feat

A special holiday show featuring Bob Hope and Irving Berlin for the men of Operation Vittles. General Lucius Clay and US Secretary Of The Army Kenneth Royall shown in audience. Short audio portion of Bob Hope and Irving Berlin doing a name change skit.

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1949 Rose Bowl College Football

93,000 football fans see the Northwestern Wildcats score in the last minutes of play to nose out California, 20-14. Disputed touchdown, plus long runs, features the great classic.

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1949 Cotton Bowl College Football

Doak Walker and Kyle Rote of S.M.U. spark the Mustangs to a thrilling victory, as 68,000 fans see Southern Methodist upset the Oregon Webfoots by a score of 21-13.

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1949 Orange Bowl College Football

An underrated Texas team hammers favored Georgia into submission before 61,000 in the Orange Bowl. The Longhorns come from behind twice to win, 41-28.

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1949 Sugar Bowl College Football

A record crowd of 80,500 jams the Sugar Bowl to watch the Oklahoma Sooners throttle Justice and the Tarheels in a closely fought contest, Oklahoma wins, 14-6.

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Boxing Match

Audio in Spanish.

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Snoqualmie Pass Ski Jump Competition

High jump ski meet.

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