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keywords: korean war, korean refugees, ground war, air war, b-29 bomber, air-to-ground strafing, entertainment, hollywood film louisa, actor charles coburn, actor ronald reagan, actress spring byington, chicago premiere film parade, amateur sports, all-american soap box derby, champion harold butch williamson, leisure-time sports, water skiing, sports, college football, all-stars game, pro football, philadelphia eagles

Synopsis: Decisive Battle Rages On In Korean War, Hollywood Stars Attend Film Premiere Of Louisa, Annual AU-American Soap Box Derby, Daring Champs Wow Crowds With Water Skiing Prowess, College Football All-Stars Battle At Soldier's Field Chicago...(read more)

  • Date: 1950
  • Duration: 00:06:49
  • Sound: No
  • Color: Monochrome
  • Type: Public Domain
  • Language: English
  • Location: United States, Korea

Newsreels: 1950 - August 14

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Decisive Battle Rages On In Korean War


The Korean war enters a decisive phase for United Nation forces fighting along a 140-mile front. United Nation forces in vehicles move north as a flood of Korean refugees move south. CU scenes of Korean men, women and children refugees walking south to escape the fighting. Scenes of 2.5 ton deuce and a half, 6x6 US Army truck towing a M101 105mm Howitzer. Scenes of a US M-46 Patton tank approaching camera. Combat scenes of US troops under attack along a roadway in Korea. Scenes of US troops firing 105mm Howitzer field artillery guns.


Scenes of the air war in Korea, ground crew arm bombs on the flight line of air field. Scene of a Boeing B-29 Superfortress taking off for bombing mission over Korea, scenes of a flight of B-29 bombers. CU of release of bombs dropping from bomb bay of B-29. Air-to-air scene of B-29 bombers dropping bombs on Korean targets. Scenes of US fighter planes strafing ground targets and enemy troop convoys.

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Hollywood Stars Attend Film Premiere Of Louisa

In Chicago for the world premiere of the new Universal-International movie hit, Louisa, members of the cast including Charles Coburn, Ronald Reagan and Spring Byington are judges for a unique contest to select the largest Chicago family. Scenes of the movie cast riding in a parade as people line the street. CU of Ronald Reagan and Charles Coburn. Scenes of large Chicago families entered in the Largest Chicago Family Contest.

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Annual AU-American Soap Box Derby

It's Derby Day at Akron, where the 13th annual All-American Soap Box Derby finds a big field of youngsters competing for top honors. Harold Butch Williamson of West Virginia is the champ! Scenes of the youngsters cleaning their racers before the race. Various scenes of Soap Box Derby races and large crowds watching the races. CU image of Harold Butch Williamson the winner getting a kiss from his mother.

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Daring Champs Wow Crowds With Water Skiing Prowess

At Daytona Beach, daring aquatic water ski champs skim along in the ocean surf towed by a speeding automobile. Water skiing in ocean surf.

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College Football All-Stars Battle At Soldier's Field Chicago

Rare footage of the College All-Star Football Classic game at Soldiers Field, Chicago, 1950. The College Football All-Stars, sparked by North Carolina's Charlie Justice, ride herd on the Philadelphia Eagles winning the game 17 to 7.

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