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Newsreels: 1943 - January 28

Public Domain Stock Footage Newsreels: 1943 - January 28

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keywords: middle east, religion, feast of the lamb, general george s. patton, wwii, us navy, blimps, dirigibles, search and rescue operations, texas a&m, college graduates, military service, canada, hospital, dutch soil edict, princess julianna netherlands, childbirth, princess margriet francisca third, artillerymen, artillery troops, artillery transportation techniques, wicked weather, snow drifts, army ground convoys, snowplows

Synopsis: Arabs Celebrate Feast Of Lamb, US Navy Blimps In WWII Search And Rescue Role, Texas A&M Graduates Bound For Military Service, Canadian Hospital Proclaimed Dutch Soil, Troops Learn To Float And Fly Their Artillery, Army Convoys Battle Heavy Snow In Pacific Northwest...(read more)

  • Date: 1943
  • Duration: 00:04:26
  • Sound: No
  • Color: Monochrome
  • Type: Public Domain
  • Language: English
  • Location: United States, Canada, Middle East

Newsreels: 1943 - January 28

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Arabs Celebrate Feast Of Lamb

In commemoration of the Sacrifice of Abraham, father of Ishmael, who was the founder of the Arabic race, each Arab family slaughters a lamb and the following day each tribe pays tribute to the Sultan. Among the guests of honor at this year’s impressive ceremonies are General Patton and General Nogues.

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US Navy Blimps In Search And Rescue Role

To its many other wartime duties, the Navy blimps have now added the job of scouting for shipwrecked seamen from torpedoed vessels. The first step is to lower Red Cross Emergency Bags containing a wide variety of needfuls which tide the unfortunates over till complete rescue can be effected.

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Texas A&M Graduates Bound For Military Service

Texas A & M College, sometimes referred to as the West Point of the Southwest, graduates 655 seniors in January instead of June and of this number 631 become Second Lieutenants, most of whom are bound for immediate active service.

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Canadian Hospital Proclaimed Dutch Soil

Her Royal Highness, Princess Juliana, heiress to the throne of The Netherlands, gives birth to a third daughter, Princess Margriet Francisca Third – at the Ottawa Hospital and by special edict, the delivery room was declared extraterritorial, so the little Princess in exile might be said to be born on Dutch soil.

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Troops Learn To Float And Fly Their Artillery

Besides turning out some of the toughest fighting men in the world, one artillery replacement center also goes in for magic. Yes, they actually teach the boys how to float heavy artillery and how to throw jeeps.

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Army Convoys Battle Heavy Snow In Pacific Northwest

Snow banks are often 10 feet high, with drifts up to 20 feet deep but the way must be kept open so troops and supply trains may go through. And these pictures show the jeeps and artillery going through after the snowplows have cleared the way.

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