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keywords: wwii, winter war, russia attacks finland, british submarine hms ursula, french railway guns, duchess of windsor wallis simpson, baby quadruplets, king victor emmanuel of italy, pope pius xii, spray on tan, pro football green bay packers, pro wrestling, most reverend john f. o'hara

Synopsis: Winter War - Russia Attacks Finland, British Submarine HMS Ursula N-59 Returns To Port, French Railway Guns And Duchess Of Windsor Wallis Simpson, Quadruplets Born In Jasper Alabama, King Victor Emmanuel Of Italy And Pope Pius XII, Pretty Girls Get Spray On Tan Done Just Like Grilled Chicken, Pro Football: Green Bay Packers vs. All-Star Team, Pro Wrestlers Battle In Ring Covered In Tomatoes, Notre Dame President Most Reverend John F. O'Hara Becomes Catholic Bishop, Life Of Benjamin Franklin Honored At University Of Pennsylvania...(read more)

  • Date: 1940
  • Duration: 00:09:51
  • Sound: No
  • Color: Monochrome
  • Type: Public Domain
  • Language: English
  • Location: United States, England, France, Italy, Finland

Newsreels: 1940 - January 17

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Winter War - Russia Attacks Finland

The Winter War was a military conflict between the Soviet Union (Russia) and Finland in 1939-1940.

Scenes of destroyed buildings in Finland. Shows wounded Finnish soldiers and civilians in hospital.

Shows burial of a citizen of Finland.

Shows Finnish soldiers marching along a snow covered road. Each Finnish soldier carries a white camouflage suit. Shows two Finnish women (female) soldiers on top of tower on watch for approach of Soviet troops. Finnish artillery firing at Russian truck supply convoy. Shows captured Russian soldiers and destroyed equipment in the far north and along the Mannerheim Line. Shows bodies of dead Russian soldiers.

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British Submarine HMS Ursula N-59 Returns To Port And 1st Canadian Infantry Division Arrives in England

The British submarine HMS Ursula (N-59), sister-ship of undersea craft sunk by the Germans, returns to England after sinking the German cruiser Leipzig near Wilhelmshaven.

Note: It was later learned the German cruiser Leipzig in fact had been missed and the torpedoes had instead hit the German destroyer escort F9 which exploded and quickly sunk. Shows the crew of the British sub leaving the submarine and being greeted at dockside.

Shows the the 1st Canadian Infantry Division arriving in England in WWII. CU of Canadian soldiers waving from deck of troop transport ship. Later they are reviewed by Leslie Horc-Belisha, British Secretary of State For War. Leslie Horc-Belisha later removed as war secretary.

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French Railway Guns And Duchess Of Windsor Wallis Simpson

French gunners shell German lines (positions) with 16 inch railway rifles in WWII. Shows French soldiers moving 16 inch railroad artillery guns into position. Gun crew arming artillery shells with “artillery fuzes” (artillery fuse). CU of loading and firing large railway gun.

The Duchess of Windsor “does her bit” by establishing a package forwarding agency to send parcels to the troops. NOTE: Excellent image of the Duchess of Windsor. The Duchess of Windsor is the former Wallis Simpson (born Bessie Wallis Warfield). Wallis Simpson was an American socialite. Her third husband Prince Edward, Duke of Windsor, formerly King Edward VIII, abdicated his throne to marry her.

Women aiding war effort in France. Eighteen-hundred French women and girls work in plane factories turning out planes. CU of French woman operating a drill press. French woman operating a rivet gun in French aircraft factory.

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Quadruplets Born In Jasper Alabama

Mrs. Clyde Short, wife of a coal miner, gives birth to three daughters , "Faith, Hope, and Charity" and a son Franklin. An improvised incubator is used in the fight to keep the babies alive. CU of Mr & Mrs Clyde Short proud parents of the quadruplets. CU of the quadruplets.

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King Victor Emmanuel Of Italy And Pope Pius XII

Rome Italy. Scenes of impressive religious splendor as Pope Pius XII and King Victor Emmanuel of Italy exchange visits. Epochal ceremonies signifying closer relations between Church and State in the work for Peace!

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Pretty Girls Get Spray On Tan Done Just Like Grilled Chicken

Girls in Miami Beach, Florida get sun tan. At a novel clinic at the Floridian Hotel, they'll "toast" the girls, spray on a sun tan with a gun, and hang the girls up to dry. Spray on sun tan.

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Pro Football: Green Bay Packers vs. All-Star Team

18,000 football fans in Hollywood California watch as the Green Bay Packers crush a National All-Star team chosen from other teams in the professional league 16 to 7 with field goals and a pass that nets 92 yards for a touchdown.

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Pro Wrestlers Battle In Ring Covered In Tomatoes

In Lake Worth Florida a ton of slippery, juicy tomatoes turns a wrestling ring into a mad-house of flailing, bespattered wrestlers giving their "all" in the goofiest wrestling seen in years. Goofy video.

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Notre Dame President Most Reverend John F. O'Hara Becomes Catholic Bishop

Scores of the members of the American hierarchy of the Roman Catholic Church gathered in the Sacred Heart Church on the Notre Dame campus for the consecration of the Most Reverend John F. O'Hara, C.S.C, as titular bishop of Milasa.

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Life Of Benjamin Franklin Honored At University Of Pennsylvania

Benjamin Franklin is honored as the University of Pennsylvania opens bicentennial year. Shows speakers in front of Benjamin Franklin statue on University of Pennsylvania campus. CU of Benjamin Franklin statue.

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