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keywords: venezuela embassy, wwii, winter war, russia invades finland, british cruiser ajax, atlantic convoy, 16-inch artillery guns, circus fire, b-24 liberator bomber, art students, almond trees, mile runner chuck fenske, long shot race horse sweepida

Synopsis: New Venezuelan Embassy Opens In Washington D.C., Finland - On The War Front, England - On The War Front, France - On The War Front, Hundreds Of Circus Animals Perish In Fire, B-24 Liberator Bomber And New Observation Plane Tested, Almond Trees Blooming Time For Outdoor Art Class, Runner Chuck Fenske Repeats His Recent Triumph, Long-Shot Race Horse Sweepida Wins Santa Anita Derby...(read more)

  • Date: 1940
  • Duration: 00:09:07
  • Sound: No
  • Color: Monochrome
  • Type: Public Domain
  • Language: English
  • Location: United States, England, France, Finland

Newsreels 1940 February 26

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New Venezuelan Embassy Opens In Washington D.C.

The beautiful new embassy on Massachusetts Ave in Washington D.C. is host on its gala opening day to Colonel Medina, Venezuelan army and navy chief, who is visiting the U.S. Venezuelan Ambassador Escalante and his family greet him.

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Finland - On The War Front

Scenes of the Winter War; Soviet Union (Russian) invasion of Finland in 1939-1940. Scenes of buildings on fire in Helsinkl, Finland. Russian bombers leave a trail of fire-gutted homes in their wake, but many are shot down. Scenes of the wreckage of Russian bombers shot down by Finnish forces in bombing raid over Helsinkl, Finland.

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England - On The War Front

The British cruiser Ajax returns home after Graf Spee battle. It’s captain and crew get a tremendous welcome. French battleships and smaller warships safely escort a merchant convoy through waters of the Atlantic infested with German U-Boats.

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France - On The War Front

Spectacular scenes as French patrols fight their way through heavy snow to attack enemy positions. Meanwhile, huge 16-inch artillery guns fire on Nazi fortifications.

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Hundreds Of Circus Animals Perish In Fire

Smoking ruins is all that’s left of the Cole Brothers’ Circus winter quarters in Rochester Indiana., where hundreds of animals were trapped in their cages and burned to death. A tragic fate for circus favorites.

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B-24 Liberator Bomber And New Observation Plane Tested

Thrilling scenes of test flights of the Army’s new B-24 Consolidated Liberator bomber in San Diego, California. This four-motored aircraft has a wing span of 110 feet, top speed of over 300 M.P.H. and can carry 4 tons of bombs. The Air Corps’ newest observation plane, a tiny plane with special wing flaps, can fly almost straight up and then “hover” in the air at 25 M.P.H. It’s trial flight will amaze you.

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Almond Trees Blooming Time For Outdoor Art Class

The almond trees are blooming is the signal for an art class of scantily clad young ladies to hasten to the orchards for the first outdoor art class of the year.

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Runner Chuck Fenske Repeats His Recent Triumph

Chuck Fenske, outstanding mile runner of the season, repeats his recent triumphs over Glenn Cunningham in a thrilling race at the A.A.U. championships in New York City. Other spectacular events of the meet are shown.

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Long-Shot Race Horse Sweepida Wins Santa Anita Derby

Arcadia California. A thrilling climax to a day of upsets as “Sweepida,” a 33-to-1 long shot, romps away with the coveted Santa Anita Derby horse race, leaving the favorites far behind. A victory that left horse racing fans breathless.

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