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Newsreels 1945 June 14

Public Domain Stock Footage Newsreels 1945 June 14

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keywords: post-wwii europe, germany, control law, berchesgaden eagle's nest, president harry s. truman, general george s. patton, fog dispersal system, norway liberation celebration, venice italy, u.s. soldiers r&r, venetian canals, amphibious dukw, u.s. transportation war effort

Synopsis: The Big Four Sign Control Law For Germany, Victorious G.I.'s Tour Hitler's Eagle's Nest At Berchesgaden, President Harry S. Truman Meets With Noted Personalities, Novel Way To Disperse Airport Fog Problems, People Of Norway Celebrate Liberation From Nazi Tyranny, U.S. Soldiers Enjoy R&R In Venice Italy, Government Asks That Citizens Stay Home During Vacation...(read more)

  • Date: 1945
  • Duration: 00:07:28
  • Sound: Yes
  • Color: Monochrome
  • Type: Public Domain
  • Language: English
  • Location: United States, England, Germany, Italy, Norway

Newsreels: 1945 - June 14

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The Big Four Sign Control Law For Germany

The Allied Control Council or Allied Control Authority for the conduct of affairs in civil Germany is brought into being by the military signatories for the Four Powers who will administer the quadruple occupation of Germany. The Four Powers were the United States, Great Britain, France, and the Soviet Union (Russia). The members of the Four Powers arrive at Marshal Georgy Zhukov's headquarters in Berlin. General Eisenhower signs for the United States, Field Marshal Montgomery for the British, Marshal Georgy Zhukov for the Soviets and General Jean de Lattre de Tassigny for France.

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Victorious G.I.'s Tour Hitler's Eagle's Nest At Berchesgaden

American soldiers vacation at Berchesgaden, Hitler's mountain retreat in the Bavarian Alps. CU of Hitler's butler, Arthur Kannberg and his family. Sign reads “Under New Management, Playland For Der GI's”. LS of Hitler's “Eagle’s Nest,” on the mountain top. Tour of Hitler's underground home, with its tunnel entrances, music room with 78 rpm records, a cage room or jail, bedrooms, and stolen works of art. Silhouette of American soldier with rifle seated on patio wall at the “Eagle’s Nest” with the Bavarian Alps in BG.

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President Harry S. Truman Meets With Noted Personalities

Footage of President Truman and General George S. Patton as President Truman welcomes General Patton to the White House. Harry Hopkins reports to the President on his return from Moscow as does Joseph E. Davies on his return from London. Both emissaries were laying the ground work for the next meeting of the leaders of the Big Three.

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Novel Way To Disperse Airport Fog Problems

Fog Investigation Dispersal Operation or FIDO is Britain’s successful answer to the age old problem of dispersing banks of fog. Flaming pipe lines melt fog away at airports. Landing planes appear ghost-like through the shimmering heat waves set up by the operation.

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People Of Norway Celebrate Liberation From Nazi Tyranny

Norwegian school children celebrate Independence with added fervor this year because of the expulsion of the Nazis and because of the feast of Danish sausages and buns confiscated from German supplies. Norwegians march and celebrate after 5-years of Nazi Germany occupation.

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U.S. Soldiers Enjoy R&R In Venice Italy

Vacationing G. I.’s enjoy the sights of the canal city, Venice, Italy as Tony, the troubadour gondolier, provides the hot licks in the music department. Aerial view of Venice Italy in 1945. Shows amphibious DUKW loaded with U.S. soldiers taking a sight seeing tour of Venice Italy. Two American GIs with two Italian beauties in a Gondola.

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Government Asks That Citizens Stay Home During Vacation

Col. J. Monroe Johnson, Director of the Office of Defense Transportation admonishes Americans to spend their vacations at home this year, 1945, so that returning soldiers from Europe may be moved from the Atlantic seaboard to the west coast for shipment to the Pacific war zone. Shows thousand of soldiers arriving on the east coast of America after the surrender of Germany.

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