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keywords: tornado devastation, post-wwii, japan life, england, ammunition disposal, ocean dumping, 1946 miss atlantic city, betty jones, thorton pin-up girl, motorized futbol, uss general m.c. meigs

Synopsis: Tornado Strikes Windsor Ontario Canada, Post-WWII Life In Japan, England Dumps Tons Of WWII Ammunition Into Ocean, Beauty Pageant And Pin-Up Girls, Dairy Cow Adopts Orphan Baby Deer, Midget-Car Racing And Soccer On Motorcycles, WWII Troop Carrier Turned Passenger Liner USS General M.C. Meigs...(read more)

  • Date: 1946
  • Duration: 00:07:58
  • Sound: Yes
  • Color: Monochrome
  • Type: Public Domain
  • Language: English
  • Location: United States, England, Canada, Australia, Japan, France

Newsreels: 1946 - June 20

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Tornado Strikes Windsor Ontario Canada

Scenes of destruction after tornado strikes Windsor, Ontario, Canada; wrecked homes and automobiles with property damage in the millions. A family savaging a sewing machine from the wreckage. The same tornado roared across the Detroit River and struck the River Rouge area of Detroit, Michigan. Scenes of damage in the Cleveland area from violent rainstorms and high winds. Flooding isolated the city of Rocky River Ohio; many trees were blown down.

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Post-WWII Life In Japan

Scenes of Japanese people in the big cities of Japan in 1946. In the midst of black markets and inflationary prices, life for the average Japanese is grim and barren. Rebuilding homes and harvesting meager crops keep some healthy and housed, but many have to tighten their belts. Rice is rationed in Japan. People gardening in small plots of land amid the wreckage. CU, young Japanese child with a doll on backpack. Women shopping for fish and seaweed in black market area of a city.

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England Dumps Tons Of WWII Ammunition Into Ocean

Disposal of ammunition in England after WWII. Hundreds of thousands of tons of unused ammunition and bombs are being dumped into the ocean. Scenes of ammunition being dumped into the ocean from LSTs. Many more tons are still stored in huge dump areas in England.

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Beauty Pageant And Pin-Up Girls

Selecting Miss Atlantic City proves to be a difficult job for the judges; these beauty queens all look like winners. The judges finally selected 18-year old Betty Jones as Miss Atlantic City who will welcome the Miss America contestants later on. CU image of Betty Jones Miss Atlantic City of 1946.

Pin-Up girls in Palisades Park, N.J. Pretty faces and figures that made sailors sit up and take notice when they saw them in magazines now come to life for sailors returning from WWII, as pretty Thornton models prove to be as pretty as their pictures. Thornton Pin-Up Girls.

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Dairy Cow Adopts Orphan Baby Deer

Orphaned by a deer hunter, a young faun is mothered by a very maternal cow in Steelville, Missouri. Nearby youngsters adore the tiny creature who soon adapts himself to a novel environment.

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Midget-Car Racing And Soccer On Motorcycles

Motor sports, Midget Auto Kings racing at Soldiers Field in Chicago. Midget car racing, also called Speedcars in Australia, is a thrill a minute.

In France its motorcycle soccer. Take a herd of charging motorcycles, a muddy field and two soccer teams of mud-spattered motorcycle drivers and it's hard to tell who wins!

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WWII Troop Carrier Turned Passenger Liner USS General M.C. Meigs

The USS General M.C. Meigs, a WWII troop carrier, saw postwar commercial service. After a peacetime conversion the ship was licensed to American President Lines in June 1946 as a passenger ship in the Pacific. Ship is shown with Japanese passengers departing from an unknown location.

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