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keywords: president franklin d. roosevelt, vice-president john nance garner, secretary of navy charles edison, hotel fire, model airplanes, college football, 1940 orange bowl, 1940 sugar bowl

Synopsis: President Franklin D. Roosevelt Asks For Increase In Defense Budget, Charles Edison Sworn In As New Secretary Of Navy, Firemen Battle Hotel Fire In Freezing Temperatures, Model Seaplane Fans Gather In Miami To Launch Their Miniature Aircraft, 1940 Orange Bowl: Georgia vs. Missouri, 1940 Sugar Bowl: Texas vs. Louisiana...(read more)

  • Date: 1940
  • Duration: 00:07:12
  • Sound: Partial
  • Color: Monochrome
  • Type: Public Domain
  • Language: English
  • Location: United States

Newsreels 1940 January 3

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President Franklin D. Roosevelt Asks For Increase In Defense Budget

President Roosevelt In his annual New Year message to Congress calls for increased expenditures for the Army and Navy due to the war abroad, to be met, he says, by increased taxes.

Excerpts from President Roosevelt's address to Congress on January 3, 1940:

"I can understand the feelings of those who warn the nation that they will never again consent to the sending of American youth to fight on the soil of Europe. But, as I remember, nobody has asked them to consent - for nobody expects such an undertaking".

"The first President of the United States warned us against entangling foreign alliances. The present President of the United States subscribes to and follows that precept".

"For several years past we have been compelled to strengthen our own national defense. That has created a very large portion of our Treasury deficits".

"Therefore, in the hope that we can continue in these days of increasing economic prosperity to reduce the Federal deficit, I am asking the Congress to levy sufficient additional taxes to meet the emergency spending for national defense". "May the year 1940 be pointed to by our children as another period when democracy justified its existence as the best instrument of government yet devised by mankind".

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Charles Edison Sworn In As New Secretary Of Navy

Washington DC. Charles Edison, acting naval head since the death of Secretary Swanson, is sworn in as high Navy officials look on. He takes the reins of U.S. naval forces at a time of record expansion.

Vice President Garner, who has "thrown his hat in the ring," calls on the President at the White House with other party leaders.

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Firemen Battle Hotel Fire In Freezing Temperatures

Zero weather and a night blaze take a terrific toll in lives as an apartment hotel is gutted by flames. Tragic scenes as firemen, hampered by frozen lines, comb the ruins for bodies of victims in Minneapolis, Minn.

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Model Seaplane Fans Gather In Miami To Launch Their Miniature Aircraft

Thrills for model plane fans in Miami, Florida. A miniature seaplane meet on Biscayne Bay, with the amazing replicas taking off and landing on the water in realistic style. Crack-ups, too, just like big planes.

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1940 Orange Bowl College Football Georgia vs Missouri

Scenes of a spectacular "Orange Bowl" festival parade Miami, Florida. The Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets displays amazing power in trouncing the Missouri Tigers 21-7 behind the heroics of Johnny Bosch who outran and out-passed the Tigers' All-American "Passing" Paul Christman.

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1940 Sugar Bowl College Football Texas vs Louisiana

A record crowd of 73,000 football fans in New Orleans, Louisiana sees the Texas "Aggies" topple the touted Tulane "Green Wave" in the South's New Year classic Sugar Bowl, coming from behind to win by a one-point margin, 14-13!

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