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keywords: flooding, president harry s. truman, grand coulee dam dedication, native americans, thoroughbred racing, horse racing, race horse hill prince, withers mile, junior ice hockey, montreal canadiens, regina pats, canada, ve-day

Synopsis: Thousands Flee Canadian Flood Waters, President Harry S. Truman Dedicates The Grand Coulee Dam, Race Horse Middleground Places Second In Withers Mile, Junior Hockey: Montreal Canadiens vs. Regina Pats, Canada Commemorates VE-Day With Parade And Remembrance...(read more)

  • Date: 1950
  • Duration: 00:06:41
  • Sound: No
  • Color: Monochrome
  • Type: Public Domain
  • Language: English
  • Location: United States, Canada

Newsreels 1950 May 15

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Thousands Flee Canadian Flood Waters

With the rampaging Red River rising to new flood crests, Winnipeg, Canada is in dire straits. Flood waters are inundating the greater part of the city forcing thousands to flee for their lives. Volunteer workers build sandbag dikes, but as the flood crest hits the city, fears are raised that Winnipeg is doomed. Shows patients being evacuated from King George Hospital by boat. Various scenes of the flooded homes.

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President Harry S. Truman Dedicates The Grand Coulee Dam

Climaxing his 6400-mile tour, the President arrives to dedicate another unit of the vast Columbia River power project. Thousands hear and see him, as he dedicates a plaque in memory of President Franklin D. Roosevelt. Indians in ceremonial dress lend color to affair.

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Race Horse Middleground Places Second In Withers Mile

"Middleground," the Texas colt who nosed out "Hill Prince" in the Kentucky Derby, comes in second to "Hill Prince" in the famed Withers Mile, an American thoroughbred horse race, at Aqueduct Racetrack. Shows race horse Hill Prince in the winner's circle.

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Junior Ice Hockey: Montreal Canadiens vs. Regina Pats

The Memorial Cup of 1950 saw two farm teams of the Montreal Canadiens playing each other for the top junior prize. The Junior Canadiens defeated the Regina Pats in a best-of-seven game series winning the Memorial Cup on home ice at the Forum.

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Canada Commemorates VE-Day With Parade And Remembrance

Canadians commemorate V-E Day, Victory In Europe Day, with a military parade and a remembrance of heroes.

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