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keywords: korean war, united nations security council, general douglas macarthur, airplane crash, sea and air search, vatican city, pope pius xii, canonized maria goretti, c-3 class merchant ss president jackson, captain don lawrence, trick shot artist, watermelon jubilee, watermelon eating contest

Synopsis: The Korean War Begins, Cruise Ship Collides With Freighter In New York Harbor, Search For Airliner Lost Over Lake Michigan, 11-Year Old Maria Goretti Canonized By Pope Pius, Launching Of New U.S. Liner, Highway Patrol Don Lawrence Is A Trick Shot Artist, Watermelon Contest And Jubilee In Stockdale Texas...(read more)

  • Date: 1950
  • Duration: 00:08:16
  • Sound: Partial
  • Color: Monochrome
  • Type: Public Domain
  • Language: English
  • Location: United States, South Korea, Vatican City

Newsreels 1950 June 29

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The Korean War Begins

The conflict escalated into open warfare when North Korean force, supported by the Soviet Union and China, invaded South Korea on June 25, 1950. By a vote of 7 to 1 the United Nations Security Council invokes sanctions against Red aggressors. Shows President Truman speaking after the U.N. vote taken.

General MacArthur takes command of the United Nations forces. Image of General Douglas MacArthur deplaning in South Korea as he takes command of U.N. Forces.

LS view of United States Seventh Fleet task force at sea. Shows F9F Panther aircraft on elevator being moved moved onto flight deck of the USS Valley Forge (CV-45) aircraft carrier. View of A-1 Skyraider and F4U Corsair aircraft on aircraft carrier flight deck. Shows ship's officers on the Bridge of aircraft carrier. Shows F9F Panther fighters being moved into launch position. CU image of a pilot in a F9F Panther fighter aircraft. Shows launch of F9F aircrafts from the flight deck of the USS Valley Forge (CV-45) aircraft carrier. Shows F9F Panther planes in a “flyby”.

Historical Note: The first carrier air strike of the Korean War was launched from the flight deck of the USS Valley Forge on 3 July 1950. Successive waves of A-1 Skyraiders and F4U Corsairs struck the North Korean airfield at Pyongyang bombing hangars, fuel storages, parked aircraft, and railroad marshaling yards while F9F Panthers, flying top cover, downed two Yak-9s and damaged another. This was the world's first combat strike by jet aircraft.

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Cruise Ship Collides With Freighter In New York Harbor

The Danish freighter Columbia and the American liner Excalibur collide in New York City harbor tearing gaping holes in each other's hulls. One hundred and fourteen passengers on the cruise ship have their plans deferred.

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Search For Airliner Lost Over Lake Michigan

One of the greatest air and water searches in aviation history is conducted for Northwest Orient flight 2501, a DC-4 passenger plane, lost over Lake Michigan during a thunder-storm. Fifty eight are believed to have perished in the disaster.

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11-Year Old Maria Goretti Canonized By Pope Pius XII

Maria Goretti, an eleven-year-old girl who was killed in 1902 while defending her virtue, is canonized as an Italian virgin-martyr of purity of the Roman Catholic Church in a ceremony presided over by Pope Pius XII.

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Launching Of New U.S. Merchant SS President Jackson

America's merchant marine gets another C-3 class merchant vessel with the launching of the SS President Jackson. The 20,000 ton vessel is christened by Mrs. Alben Barkley.

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Highway Patrol Don Lawrence Is A Trick Shot Artist

Captain Don Lawrence of the Texas Highway Patrol shows what can be done when you keep your eye on the target. Don't ever hope Captain Lawrence will miss.

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Watermelon Eating Contest And Jubilee In Stockdale Texas

Stockdale, Texas local beauties dress up the fiesta which winds up in one gigantic watermelon eating contest with Tiny Lietch of Cuero, Texas as winner.

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