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keywords: Army Day, Military Parade, Army Medium Tank M3 Lee, Ensign Franklin Delano Roosevelt Jr., Prime Minister Winston Churchill, Union Strike, Eastern Airlines Aircraft Crash, New York Sandlot Baseball

Synopsis: Army Day Celebrated In Washington D.C. And New York City, Army Tests Its New Medium Tank The M3 Lee, New Military Airfield For British Columbia, New Ensign Franklin D Roosevelt Jr. Reports For Duty, Britain And US Sign Destroyers For Bases Agreement, German Fighter Me-110 Analyzed By Engineers In US, Violence Marks Union Strike At Michigan Ford Auto Plant, Airliner Crash Lands In Florida Swamp, US Coast Guard Rescues Crew Of Russian Freighter, New York Sandlot Baseball Begins New Season (2012-710f.txt)...(read more)

  • Date: 1941
  • Duration: 00:08:36
  • Sound: No
  • Color: Monochrome
  • Type: Public Domain
  • Language: English
  • Location: United States, England, British Columbia

Newsreels: 1941 - April 8

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Army Day Celebrated In Washington D.C. And New York City

Rain fails to dampen the spirits of 15,000 soldiers and 40,000 spectators, during an impressive parade and review in Washington D.C. Veterans and youngsters of the new draft march in the colorful display.

Secretary of War Henry L. Stimson, General George Marshall and other high army officials review a display of military might by troops and mechanized units through the capitol.

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Army Tests Its New Medium Tank The M3 Lee

The most powerful tank of its type, the Army’s new M3 undergoes impressive tryouts at the Aberdeen Proving Grounds. It carries seven men, one 75 mm gun and one 37 mm gun and four machine guns. Top speed is 28 mph!

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New Military Airfield For British Columbia

One of the first new airfields in WWII to stretch from the US to Alaska takes shape in Fort Nelson, British Columbia, as men and supplies are brought through the wilderness to turn the post into a stepping stone for warplanes.

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New Ensign Franklin D. Roosevelt Jr. Reports For Duty

The Presidents son Franklin Delano Roosevelt Jr, reports for active duty with the fleet. He goes aboard the USS Mayrant DD-402 to do his bit for National Defense and later has a session with the cameramen on hand.

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Britain And US Sign Destroyers For Bases Agreement

Historic scenes as Prime Minister Winston Churchill and U.S. Ambassador Winant sign the epochal treaty leasing air and naval bases to the United States in return for 50 destroyers the Pact was called Destroyers for Bases Agreement.

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German Fighter Bf-110 Analyzed By Engineers In US

One of Hitlers best fighter planes the Messerschmidt Bf-110, gets a thorough inspection at the Vultee Aircraft Plant in Downey, California with the fighter plane being determined to be well-made and well-armed but no match for new US models.

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Violence Marks Union Strike At Michigan Ford Auto Plant

In Dearborn Michigan in 1941 CIO workers attack workmen at the Ford River Rouge Plant as the non-strikers try to enter the plant.The huge auto empire slows down as striking CIO workers picket the plant, rioting and forcing a shut-down. Several non-strikers are hurt as they try to enter the factory. Shows strikers walking picket line carrying signs in this labor dispute strike at a defense plant.

In Washington DC the 76 day-old strike at the Allis-Chalmers plant, working on defense orders is finally brought to an end as labor and management come to terms with the new Mediation Board with scenes of the Labor and Mediation Board shaking hands.

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Airliner Crash Lands In Florida Swamp

Vero Beach, Florida April 8, 1941 sixteen persons miraculously escape death when an Eastern Airlines passenger plane crashes into a jungle swamp during a storm settling in 3 feet of water with the pilot and several others are badly hurt.

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US Coast Guard Rescues Crew Of Russian Freighter

Dramatic scenes of the rescue of crew members from the Russian freighter Vazlav Vorofsky April 8 1941 with the freighter hard aground at Cape Disappointment, Washington and US Coast guardsmen rescuing the seamen after a hard fought battle against the waves.

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New York Sandlot Baseball Begins New Season

Spring comes to Manhattans West Side tenement section Hells Kitchen in New York City which means Sandlot Baseball for the tenement kids as they exercise and play baseball as other children watch.

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