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The Three Bears 1935

Public Domain Stock Footage The Three Bears 1935

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keywords: classic cartoons, animation, toons, ub iwerks, the three bears, goldilocks, papa bear, mama bear, baby bear, vandalism, hooliganism, breaking and entering, b&e, a 10-62

Synopsis: While out with her dog that rapscallion Goldilocks finds a quaint cottage where she immediately enters the home spilling fooding, breaking furniture and other delinquent acts before settling down for a nap unaware that the cottage is owned by a family of upset bears who find their home vandalized.

  • Date: 1935
  • Duration: 00:08:05
  • Sound: Yes
  • Color: Color
  • Type: Public Domain
  • Language: English
  • Location: The Forest

The Three Bears 1935