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German Atrocities

Public Domain Stock Footage German Atrocities

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keywords: wwii, european theater, german concentration camps, nazi death camps, extermination camps, gas chamber, cremation ovens, cyanide powder, skeletal prisoners

Synopsis: The horrific reality of the Holocaust as the German Final Solution was implemented and documented in the following camps of Hannover, Arnstadt, Mauthausen, Buchenwald, Dachau and Belsen where millions of Jews, political dissidents, other minorities and captured enemy soldiers were exterminated during WWII now classified as War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity...(read more)

  • Date: 1945
  • Duration: 00:35:16
  • Sound: Yes
  • Color: Monochrome
  • Type: Public Domain
  • Language: English
  • Location: Germany, Austria
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Hannover Concentration Camp

Out of 10,000 Polish men brought to this concentration camp ten months prior to April 1945 only 200 remained. Prisoners that could walk was removed before U.S. troops entered Hannover. The remaining prisoners were left to starve and die. A Red Cross club mobile provides Polish survivors with food and clothing while a sergeant of the US 84th Infantry Division checks list of inmates. Shows the removal and burial of a dead prisoner. CU, image of a Sergeant of the U.S. 84th Infantry Division with a "Railsplitter" shoulder patch on uniform. Survivors relate conditions at camp and photographs are taken as further documentation.

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Arnstadt Concentration Camp

1700 prisoners were housed in tents that only contained 100 bunks. Shows dog house of savage watch dogs (no dogs shown) used to guard the camp. German civilians from the village of Arnstadt are forced to dig up the bodies of the prisoners buried near Arnstadt Concentration Camp. Gruesome scenes of the bodies of the dead prisoners laid out after being exhumed. Shows American troops viewing the evidence of Nazi barbarism.

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Mauthausen Concentration Camp

The prisoners at the Nazi Mauthausen concentration camp was liberated May 5, 1945 by soldiers of the US Army's 41st Cavalry Recon Squadron, 11th Armored Division. Low panning views of Mauthausen Concentration Camp. Images of the ovens used to burn and cremate the bodies of the inmates. Shows a German, believed to be camp Commandant SS Colonel Franz Ziereis, guarded by US soldiers.

Shows an American prisoner, U.S. Naval Officer and Commando Lt. Jack Hedrick Taylor from Hollywood California. Lt. Taylor tells of his capture and treatment by the Nazis. He also reported two American military officers had been executed at Mauthausen. Lt. Taylor shows the dog tags of a Naval Officer and an Army Officer executed by gas. Lt. Taylor tells of the many ways the Germans executed prisoners. Note: Navy Lt. Jack H. Taylor as an OSS officer was a maritime commando in WWII and as such became America's first NAVY SEAL.

Shows piles of dead bodies and various scenes of starving prisoners. Shows German civilians throwing bodies of prisoners onto horse drawn wagons. Shows a bulldozer digging mass graves to bury the dead.

More gruesome scenes of the bodies of prisoners killed or died at Mauthausen.

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Buchenwald Concentration Camp

The prisoners of the Buchenwald concentration camp was liberated on April 11, 1945 by four soldiers of the 6th Armored Division of the U.S. 3rd Army. Just before the Americans arrived, the camp had been taken over by Communist prisoners who had killed some of the guards and forced the rest to flee into the nearby woods.

Panning scenes of the barracks at the Buchenwald concentration camp. The words "Jedem Das Sein" is cut into the steel gate. Shows a Switzerland Red Cross Jeep and Truck arriving at Buchenwald with aid for survivors. Shows young boys that were survivors at the Buchenwald concentration camp. Nationality and prisoner number were tattooed on stomach of each inmate. Shows bodies of two prisoners with tattoos on their stomach. The prisoners at this camp represented every European nationality. Piles of dead, mutilated and emaciated bodies with some survivors among the dead. Shows an image of a club used by the SS Guards.

View of the crematorium building or body disposal plant. Shows crematorium ovens, heated by coke, with remains inside. CU, image of manufacturer's metal label on oven that reads "Maschinenfabrik J.A. Topf & Sohne, Erfurt". Scenes of burned bodies in crematorium ovens that had not been burned to ash. Shows pile of bone ash.

1200 citizens of Weimar Germany were forced to tour the Buchenwald camp. They are shown lamp shades made of human skin, human skin parchment used for painting pictures and two shrunken human heads . The German citizens are forced to endure the stench of the prisoner's living quarters and piles of human bodies of the dead prisoner inmates.

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Dachau Concentration Camp

Low aerial view of Dachau Concentration Camp, a prison camp for political dissenters, habitual criminals, and religious enthusiast. Sign at Dachau reads "Zentralbauleitung Der Waffen SS U. Polizei Munchen Dachau". Nazi symbol eagle's claws grasping a wreath of oak leaves surrounding a swastika on archway entrance to Dachau concentration camp. Prisoners were from Germany, Poland, Czechoslovakia, France and Holland.

Shows a railroad box car that arrived at Dachau filled with intermingled emaciated bodies of survivors and corpses stacked upon each other. Prisoners bury dead after liberation. Local townspeople are forced to view the dead in the camp. Shows a hugh stack of human bodies of the prisoners.

Shows lines of clothes the prisoners removed thinking they were going to showers. Tour of gas chamber, labeled "Brausebad" or shower bath in English. Shower bath area and dummy shower heads. In the engineer room there were intake and outlet pipes, inflow and outflow gas valves. Shows canister of cyanide powder used to generate the legal smoke. Tour of crematory ovens, shots of bones in oven after cremation of bodies. Shows starving survivors of Dachau.

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Belsen Concentration Camp

Belsen was liberated April 15, 1945 by the British 11th Armored Division. Shows the British Commander of Royal Artillery describing the conditions at the Belsen Concentration Camp.

A woman doctor, a prisoner herself, describes conditions at the female (women) section of camp.

Josef Kramer, Belsen camp Commandant, known as the "Beast of Belsen", is taken into custody by the British. Shows German prison camp guards in custody. Images of survivors inside Belsen. Gruesome scenes of the bodies of prisoners in an open field. CU image of prisoner number tattooed on arm of a nameless victim. German Army Schutzstaffel SS troops are forced to bury the dead in an open trench that served as a mass grave. Shows German women concentration camp guards in uniform dragging bodies and dumping bodies into mass grave. Shows a bulldozer pushing piles of bodies into mass grave. Shows Affidavit that attest to the authenticity of the scenes in this film.

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