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keywords: post-wwii, nuremberg trials, war atrocities, crimes against humanity

Synopsis: The Nuremberg Trials for Nazi war crimes against humanity during WWII detailing the rise of the Nazi Party, its plans for the Final Solution against the Jewish peoples and other "undesirables" and swath of destruction across Europe...(read more)

  • Date: 1945
  • Duration: 01:14:05
  • Sound: Yes
  • Color: Monochrome
  • Type: Public Domain
  • Language: English
  • Location: Germany, Europe
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Nuremberg Reel-1

Europe 1945 end of WWII, scenes of destruction, scenes of despair, hopelessness as people slowly came out of hiding in the destroyed cities of Europe. Children begging for food. Shows the Palace of Justice in Nuremberg November 21, 1945 as the people of the world came together at the trials of the German Nazi war criminals.

Justice Robert H. Jackson, American Chief Prosecutor makes opening statement at Nuremberg. Scenes of the Nazi defendants in the prisoner's dock guarded by American Military Police (MP) wearing white helmets. Close up shots of some of the Nazi Leaders and military officers on trial. Scenes of people digging through garbage for food, starving children, people eating out of garbage cans. Justice Jackson concludes his opening statement with these words “the real complaining party at your bar is civilization”.

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Nuremberg Reel-2

Scenes of the courtroom at the Nuremberg Trials, German Nazi defendants in the prisoner's dock as charges are read. Image of Hitler's book Mein Kampf (English translation: My struggle or my battle) with photo of Adolf Hitler on cover. Flashback scenes of members of the Nazi Party in Munich in the 1920's as the Nazi Party was formed.

Scenes of demonstrations, marches, and images of Hitler as the Nazi Party gained power. Nazi book burning believed to be in Berlin's Opera Square on May 10, 1933. Scenes of the aftermath of the Reichstag building fire. Scenes from late 1933 as Germany leaves the Disarmament Conference, quits the League of Nations, and began a massive rearmament program. Scenes of submarine launching, production of steel, and announcement of compulsory military service.

Shows military training as recruits learn the “goose step march”. Shows German troops entering the Rhineland (Rheinland) in 1936. Various scenes of marching German troops, boots only scene, in Nuremberg. Various scenes as Hitler and Nazi leaders plot new aggressions.

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Nuremberg Reel-3

Audio description of the scenes as German Army occupies Austria in May 1935. Plans made to create an incident in Czechoslovakia that would provide a provocation for German military intervention. Shows signing of the Munich Pact in 1938 authorizing Germany to take possession of the Sudetenland in Czechoslovakia. Shows Czechoslovakia President Emil Hacha arriving for meeting with Hitler. Animated map showing the countries occupied by Germany from 1934 to 1939.

Count Two: Crimes Against Peace. All defendants charged with participating in the planning, preparation, initiation, and waging of wars of aggression, which were also wars in violation of international treaties, agreements, and assurances. Shows the signing of the non-aggression Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact between Russia and Germany, brief images of Stalin.

Appeals for peace made by the Pope and President Roosevelt. Hitler addressing the Reichstag ridicules Roosevelt's appeal for peace. Scenes of the German invasion of Poland on September 1, 1939. Artillery firing, planes in flight, infantry, armor vehicles, Polish cities bombed. Shows the German invasion of Denmark.

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Nuremberg Reel-4

Germany invades Norway on April 9, 1940. Shows mass drop of German airborne troops in the invasion of Norway. Planes of the German Luftwaffe bombing Norwegian cities, buildings on fire, terrified men, women, and children fleeing. German troops march into Norway.

On May 10, 1940 Germany invades Belgium, Holland, and Luxemberg. On April 6, 1941 Germany invades Yugoslavia. Shows Luftwaffe dive bombers bombing cities, German infantry fighting. Animated map shows by 1941 most of Europe was occupied by German forces. Shows a meeting of the Axis Powers, Germany, Italy, and Japan. Bitter fighting as German forces invade Russian (Soviet Union). The planes of the German Luftwaffe attacks Great Britain. Japanese attacks Pearl Harbor December 7, 1941, shows aftermath of attack on Pearl Harbor.

Russian Chief Prosecutor Roman A Redenko presents charges three and four against the Nazi leaders. More scenes of the courtroom and Nazi defendants. Shows Russian POWs being searched and candidates selected for execution. Shows forced march of thousands of Russian POWs. No shelter provided for thousands of Russians in German POW camps.

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Nuremberg Reel-5

Testimony of Generalmajor Erwin von Lahousen, Section II Chief in the Abwehr, the German Military Intelligence Service as to a conference in Hitler's train (brief image) attended by Admiral Wilhelm Canaris, head of the Abwehr and member of the German Resistance and the Reich Minister for Foreign Affairs von Ribbentrop. At that conference Canaris protested to the planned extermination of the Polish Intelligence, Polish Nobility, and Clergy.

Flashback to the methods of extermination and results of the Nazi policies in the Polish region. Shows automobile exhaust used as gas for gas chamber, starving Polish prisoners, burning homes and buildings. Shows Hans Frank, Nazi Governor of occupied Poland. Flashback images piles of dead bodies, mass graves, hanging body. German atrocities were not confined to Poland, scenes of dead bodies of French citizens and destruction of the village of Oradour sur Glane France, town of Bande Belgium more dead bodies, and in Italy the Ardeatine (Ardeantine) Caves Massacre of 320 Italian civilians murdered or executed by the Nazis. Sign on Italian building "Catacombe di San Callisto". Shows entry into cave. CU of document listing names of Italian victims killed. Shows men removing corpses from the Ardeatine (Ardeantine) cave. Shows the Czech village of Lidice that was burned and leveled by the youth of the German Schutzpolizei.

Rudolf Hoss, commander of concentration camp at Auschwitz testifies. Flashback Auschwitz cremation chambers, prison barracks, Russian prisoners lined up at fence at Auschwitz, various scenes of Auschwitz concentration camp. Medical experiments carried out by the Nazis, gruesome scenes of dead bodies. Slave labors at work in Germany, policy of Nazi plunder in occupied countries, livestock confiscated. Scenes of German citizens that were too old to work, lame, insane were called “useless eaters” and were murdered.

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Nuremberg Reel-6

The heart of the Nazi movement was the eradication of the Jews. Scenes of Nazis blocking entrance to Jewish owned stores, tearing down signs, harassing Jewish citizens. Marriage between German citizens and Jews prohibited in Nazi Germany. Flashback to mistreatment of Jews living in Germany. Burning, destruction and cleaning out of the Warsaw Ghetto in Nazi occupied Europe 1943 ordered by the Nazi General Jurgen Stroop. People in Warsaw Ghetto was either killed or deported to German Nazi concentration and death camps. Scenes of the brutal treatment of the Jews.

Rudolf Hess describes the “Jewish final solution” in his testimony. Scenes at the death camps, doctors make spot decisions, those fit for work sent into the camp, others sent for extermination. Young children with tattoo numbers on their arm. Shows gas chambers that looked like delousing facilities. Gruesome images of starved Jews and piles of bodies in a gas chamber. Shows gold collected from the teeth of dead Jews. Bodies of dead prisoners unloaded, dumped into trenches, mass graves.

The prosecution rests. Each defendant has a German lawyer. Lawyer for Julius Streicher leads his client through a prepared defense. Next came Ernst Kaltenbrunner, Alfred Rosenberg is questioned, Erich Raeder takes the stand, Wilhelm Keitel is cross examined.

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Nuremberg Reel-7

Each Nuremberg trial defendant has a German Lawyer and each defendant is cross examined and given an opportunity to speak. Alfred Jodl responds when asked if he can remember any other reason for such mortality among Russian prisoners of war. Next von Ribbentrop states once again he knew nothing about military measures.

Herman Goering is cross examined and asked if it was not true he said “German Jews must as a penalty forfeit one billion marks then the pigs won't commit any more crimes”. He was then asked “do you still say neither Hitler or you knew of no policy to exterminate the Jews? He answered he did not know the degree and was then asked “you did know there was a policy to liquidate the Jews. No, not the liquidation of the Jews.

Albert Speer then takes the stand and speaks of Hitler's contempt for Goering as a failure and was a corrupt drug addict. Hans Frank makes final statement to the Tribunal stating he felt a terrible guilt. Walther Funk declares he felt a shame and guilt today, but it is too late. Several others made final statements. The defense delivered its summation.

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Nuremberg Reel-8

Justice Robert H. Jackson, American Chief Prosecutor, delivers his summation. Excerpt of his summation: If we are to believe the testimony These men saw no evil, spoke none, and none was uttered in their presence. This claim might sound very plausible if made by one defendant. But when we put all their stories together, the impression which emerges of the Third Reich, which was to last a thousand years, is ludicrous. To say of these men that they are not guilty it would be as true to say there has been no war, there has been no one slain, there has been no crime.

For Great Britain Sir Hartley Shawcross delivers his summation. Scene of Door leading to Juges Room, In Session sign on door. October 1, 1946 the verdict is delivered and read. The trial is over. Shows interior of the prison, Goering chooses to die by his own hand, the other ten wait for the gallows. Shows the exterior of the prison at Nuremberg. Flashback scenes of the crimes and atrocities committed due to the policies of Hitler and the Nazi Party.

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