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March On Washington

Public Domain Stock Footage March On Washington

Standard Definition: (24-hr. turnaround)
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720 x 480 29.97i DV-NTSC Quicktime

keywords: civil rights march, human rights, racial discrimination, washington d.c.

Synopsis: With the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960's having transformed the political climate a march to Washington D.C. and rally was organized where more than 200,000 Americans joined to hear speeches, songs and prayers led by an array of Civil Rights Leaders, celebrities and clergymen...(read more)

  • Date: 1963
  • Duration: 00:20:22
  • Sound: Yes
  • Color: Monochrome
  • Type: Public Domain
  • Language: English
  • Location: United States
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March On Washington

Scenes from Civil Rights March on Washington for jobs and freedom on August 28, 1963 was a key turning point in the civil rights (human rights) movement in the United States

Shot List:


People marching for civil rights and human rights for Black Americans in the United States. Marchers singing as they march. Shows panning view of marchers singing “I'll Overcome Someday”.


LS of Lincoln Memorial with Reflective Pool in foreground, cut to Lincoln statue. LS of Washington Monument from Lincoln Memorial. Panning shot of huge crowd at the National Mall. Numerous buses arriving at the National Mall in Washington D.C.


Peter, Paul and Mary singing “Blowing In The Wind” and “If I Had A Hammer”. Scene of The White House with marchers in foreground. Drum and Bugle Corps lead the civil rights march in Washington D.C. Marchers carry signs, banner read “For Equal Rights”. Large number of Black and white Americans gather at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC.


New York Freedom Singers, a group of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee including Bernice Johnson (SNCC), Cordell Reagon (SNCC), Rutha Harris (SNCC), and Charles Neblett (SNCC) sing.


Black civil rights leader speaks with passion. Joan Baez plays guitar and sings “All My Trails”. Actor Ossie Davis introduces Burt Lancaster, Burt Lancaster addresses the crowd of civil rights marchers.


150 members of Congress arrive and are greeted and waves to crowd, crowd cheers. Black singers of the Eva Jessye Choir, directed by Eva Jessye, sing.


Roy Wilkins of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) makes his opening remarks. Dr. Benjamin E. Mays, President of Morehouse College leads crowd in prayer.


Aerial view of White House. Martin Luther King walking with auto labor union leader Walter Reuther and Black civil rights leaders. African-American A. Philip Randolph speaks to reporters, Roy Wilkins, Martin Luther King, and Walter Reuther stands nearby. A representative of the Roman Catholic Commission speaks. Auto labor union leader Walter Reuther speaks. Martin Luther King speaks to reporters. African-American singers lead the crowd in singing “We Shall Overcome”. Crowd swaying, singing, holding hands.