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keywords: early america, plymouth rock, immigrant settlers, ford model-a, golden gate bridge, empire state building, 1940's lifestyle, police traffic stop, american sports, fast food

Synopsis: The story of early America and progress with scenes of National landmarks, historical re-enactments of Colonial life, building of Jamestown, Revolutionary War Valley Forge, U.S. Flag with 13 stars waving, Industrial Revolution, Westward Migration, Inventions, 1940's U.S. lifestyle and more...(read more)

  • Date: 1607-1940's
  • Duration: 00:17:23
  • Sound: Yes
  • Color: Monochrome
  • Type: Public Domain
  • Language: English
  • Location: United States

Early America 1607-1940

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Early America 1607-1940

Group of children saying Pledge of Allegiance, pan up to an American flag waving in the breeze, American flag with 48 stars. Scene of the Statue of Liberty. Scenes of ocean waves crashing against rocky shore depicting Jamestown 1607. Image of rock engraved with date of 1620, Plymouth Rock. Scenes depicting the building of Jamestown. Still image of James Otis, a Colonist that wrote “The Rights of Colonists” and images of Thomas Jefferson, Thomas Paine, Patrick Henry.

American Revolution, Brief images of Battle Of Lexington 1775. Winter of 1777 at Valley Forge with George Washington’s Continental Army. 1781 Yorktown and the surrender of the British. Images of the Constitution of the United States of America. Betsy Ross 13-star flag waving in the breeze. Map showing the 13-states along Atlantic seaboard, various scenes as Americans migrated west. Animated map shows the westward explanation of America that formed the 48-states of America. Brief aerial view of Statue of Liberty.


Collage of America's first immigrant settlers at work, each is named and shown working at a trade. The English, the Scotch, the Dutch, Italian, French, Swiss, Danes, Norwegians, Swedes, Poles, Welsh, Blacks picking cotton, Spaniard, Mexican, Greek, Portuguese, German, Hungarian, Russian, Irish, Slavs, Chinese.


Ax blade cutting tree, hammer striking hot metal, shoeing a horse, weaving cloth, laying railroad rails, first train steam engine, stringing telegraph wire, front angle view of approaching steam engine, cowboys herding cattle, herd of sheep, cattle, pigs, tobacco, bales of cotton, weaving cloth, coastal steamer ship, Model A Ford, early airplane, farm machinery, oil gusher, freight train, industrial plant, factory, chemical laboratory, blasting and construction, hydro-electric dam, Golden Gate Bridge, Empire State Building, aerial view of New York City.

Panning view of Arlington National Cemetery.


Factory workers carrying a lunch bucket, pitching hay onto wagon, loading hay wagon, machinist, office worker typing, engineers at drafting tables.


Collage of American inventions, lightning rod, cotton gin, telegraph, anesthesia, rotatory printing press, telephone, electric welding, incandescent light bulb, submarine, steam turbine, airplane, X-ray tube, gyroscope compass, Singer sewing machine, television, cow milking machine.

Automobiles driving down tree lined street, modern apartment buildings, heavy traffic on highway, street sweeper, display of fresh milk, eggs & cheese, operating room. View of large hospital building, interior hospital scenes. Various scenes of kids, school age children, public schools, private schools, trade schools, high schools and college.

Collage of leisure and sports activity of the American people, beach, hunting, fishing, football, baseball, horse racing, track meet, rodeo, basket ball, golf, bowling, shooting marbles, frog jumping contest, skiing, competitive diving, boat races, ice sailing, boxing, auto race.

Train time schedule display rack, front angle view of fast moving passenger train, scene of railroad dining car. Automobile towing travel trailer. Sign reads “Arizona Welcomes You”. Scene of Highway Patrol Officer on motorcycle pulling over a car.

Motel sign, car hop at drive-in restaurant, drive-in restaurant hot dog sign, Cheeseburgers with the Works sign. Images of fast food, sandwich, frying ham & eggs, cup of coffee, opening bottle of Coca Cola, pancakes, toast. People dining at counter of fast food restaurant. Logos and emblems of civic organizations. Vintage radios, image of hand turning radio dial. Coin operated Jukebox or nickelodeon. Image of feet keeping time to music, couples dancing. Musician playing trumpet, marching band. Churches of all denomination.

Shot List:


Group of American children saying Pledge of Allegiance


American Flag with 48 stars


Ocean waves crashing against rocky shore


Building of an early American settlement


Still images of James Otis, Thomas Jefferson, Thomas Paine, Patrick Henry


Images of Battle of Lexington


Re-enactment George Washington’s Continental Army at Valley Forge


Betsy Ross 13-star American flag


Map showing the 13-states along the Atlantic seaboard


Wagon train on Westward migration


Wagon train crossing river


Animated map shows the westward expansion of America


Head of Statue of Liberty, aerial view Statue of Liberty


Black Americans picking cotton


Plungers pushed, huge dynamite blast


Water flowing from hydro-electric dam


Aerial view of New York City


Panning view of Arlington National Cemetery


Factory workers with lunch buckets arriving for work


Babies, young children eating


Young children in classroom, running out of school entrance


Baseball player slides into home plate


Front angle view of approaching passenger train, cut to railroad dining car


Car towing travel trailer


Car hop, hot dog sign and fast food service


Hand turning dial of vintage radio, automobile radio, vintage portable radio


Coin operated Jukebox or nickelodeon


Music, dancing, musicians, trumpet player, marching band


Dick Tracy comic page


Scenes of many churches


Polling place, voting booths


Depiction of the stock market crash, ticker tape machine falls to floor


Crowds of moving people


People in church for church service