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Apollo 13 Mission - Houston, Weve Got a Problem

Public Domain Stock Footage Apollo 13 Mission - Houston, Weve Got a Problem

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Synopsis: Apollo 13 was the seventh manned mission in the American Apollo space program and was supposed to be the third spacecraft to land on the Moon. An emergency abort was declared when an oxygen tank exploded, causing extensive damage to the Service module, eliciting the now famous understatement to Mission Control - "Houston, We've got a problem".
With limited power generation, loss of heating capability and more importantly, damage to the unit that removes carbon dioxide from the air, Astronauts James A. Lovell, John L. "Jack" Swigert, Fred W. Haise along with a crack team of NASA engineers on the ground race against time to bring Apollo 13 astronauts back home safely
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  • Date: 1970
  • Duration: 00:28:45
  • Sound: Yes
  • Color: Color
  • Type: Public Domain
  • Language: English
  • Location: Earth, Outerspace, Moon

Apollo 13 Mission - Houston, Weve Got a Problem

Shot List:


Various scenes of Mission Control and audio between Mission Control and astronauts on April 13, 1970. Mission Control asked astronaut Jack Swigert to stir the 02 tanks in order to get an accurate reading on the gauging systems, as the cryogenic oxygen tends to solidify in the tanks, and stirring allows for a more accurate reading on the quantity of O2 remaining in the tank. When the switch was flipped Jack Swigert reported we have a problem here.


Flashback to April 11, 1970 launch day for Apollo 13. Images of the crew of Apollo 13, James A. Lovell Jr. - Mission Commander, Fred W. Haise Jr. - Lunar Module Pilot, John L. Swigert Jr. - Command Module Pilot. Apollo 13 on launch pad, scenes of ignition, lift-off and in flight with audio between Mission Control Engineers.


Explains the next step in lunar flight as the Command Module Odyssey docks with the Lunar Module Aquarius. The Command Module with attached Service Module and Lunar Module LEM continues toward the moon for a moon landing using the LEM.


A problem with the Service Module is reported to Mission Control. Audio between the astronauts and Mission Control concerning the problems as they developed. Engineers in Mission Control scramble to identify the problem.


ABC news announce Apollo 13 spacecraft has had a serious power supply malfunction. Flashback to activity to Mission Control as the engineers tried to determine exactly what has happened and how to safely return the astronauts back to earth. A decision was made for the astronauts to move from the Command Module Odyssey to the Lunar Module Aquarius LEM.


Astronauts in the Lunar Module Aquarius. LEM as they prepare to maneuver the LEM with attached Command Module in an orbit around the moon and then toward earth. The astronauts were safe for the moment. A decision was made to have splash down in the Pacific Ocean.


NASA spacecraft simulator at the Cape and how it is used as explained by Gerald Griffin - Flight Director. Audio between Mission Control and astronauts as second burn is initiated to change the orbit of the LEM and Command Module toward earth.


Astronauts in the darken LEM as all power is turned off. The astronauts explain the cold condition of the LEM over the next several hours. National news footage and commentary. Church sign announcing Prayer Service For Astronauts. Church service for the astronauts. Fans at a baseball game hold a moment of silent prayer for safe return of astronauts.


Astronauts report temperature in the LEM continues to drop with moisture on the walls and windows of the LEM. In addition the system to take carbon dioxide out of the air was not sufficient in the Lunar Module LEM. Details on how they adapted the canisters from the Command Module to fit the hoses in the Lunar Module.


Astronauts preparing for re-entry on April 17. After a short burn to correct course they jettison the Service Module. Scenes of the damaged Service Module. The astronauts got back into Odyssey and jettison Aquarius for re-entry. Scenes of people from around the world watching the splashdown and safe return of the astronauts of Apollo 13.


Apollo 13 NASA astronauts with President Richard M. Nixon.