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Hiroshima Aftermath - Medical Aspects

Public Domain Stock Footage Hiroshima Aftermath Medical Aspects

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keywords: WWII, Pacific Theater, Japan, Hiroshima, Nuclear Flash Burns, Medical Issues

Synopsis: Devastating medical effects of the Atomic Bomb on the Japanese population, documenting for history specific patients and the damage to their bodies and appendages....(read more)

  • Date: 1946
  • Duration: 00:08:46
  • Sound: No
  • Color: Color
  • Type: Public Domain
  • Language: English
  • Location: Hiroshima Japan

Hiroshima Aftermath - Medical Aspects

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Hiroshima Aftermath - Medical Aspects

The atomic bomb (Little Boy) was dropped on Hiroshima Japan August 6, 1945. This film documents the medical aspects resulting from this atomic bomb explosion and blast.

Patients: Hideko and Takao Irie, Mother and Child. Establishing shot 3/4 view showing mother with child strapped in position at time of blast. The mother's face and entire body was burned while only the child's legs, which were protruding, were burned. The mother's body protected the rest of the child, including it's face and body. Closer shot of face of mother and child. Showing child behind face of mother and straps in their position over the kimono. Mother undressed with child on her back. Straps are removed from over breasts to show unburned areas where the straps were at the time of the blast. Showing mother's body burns and child strapped on her back. Mother turns body to show child's stricture and burns on legs. Left leg of child showing burn and stricture. Also right leg. CU Face of child showing no presence of burn, are contrasted with bad burn scars on mother's face.

Patient: Masuda. Showing face and upper portion of body. This particular case is interesting in view of the fact that all four children of this woman died as result of radiation affects while she lived suffering only lose of her hair. Shows regrowth of hair on woman after it had fallen out as result of radiation.

MS Patient: Tsubaki. Showing body and left side of head, particularly emphasizing protection afforded by heavier pants. Nurse points to line of demarcation where pants protected body from burn.

Patient: Hosotani. Head, showing regrowth of hair. Head rotated to further reveal regrowth of hair.

Patient: Seinu Yoshikawa. Showing entire back of the patient with variations of burn areas where kimono was doubled. Doctor pointing out where kimono was doubled.

Patient: Hirata. Pan from hands in lap to face showing burn on hand that did not wear glove and no burn on other hand that did wear a glove. Graduation of burn showing differences in severity of burn on bare flesh, flesh protected by one shirt, and flesh protected by two shirts.

Patient: Tatsuno Yoshikawa. Showing back of hands in same position as at the time of blast. Keloid formation on the back of bandaged hands are shown. Doctor outlines burns by tracing edge with finger. Right hand showing stricture as doctor removes bandage. Showing bandage being unraveled from hand. Showing movement of strictured hand. Two hands with glove removed from hand that wore it at time of blast (right hand). Left hand is burned and right hand is not. At point where shirt thickness varied. Doctor uses fingers to point out number of shirts.

Patient: Sera. Mouth, nose, and ear. CU Nose and mouth. CU Eyebrows, eyes, and nose. CU Pan down from ear to neck. CU Hands. MS Patient: Okada. Showing upper half of body and both hands. CU Left hand showing stricture of the fingers. Left hand, showing movement of fingers in strictured area. Right hand showing stricture of thumb and index finger. Right breast showing keloid formation resulting from open shirt. Left ear showing keloid formation result of light burn.

Patient: Yamashita. Elbow and hand showing stricture. Left hand showing stricture of little finger.

Patient: Nakahama. Showing left shoulder, left side of neck and head. CU Left ear.

Patient: Hatakeyama. Left side of face, patient moves slowly to show difference in skin tissue. CU Lips. CU Left ear. CU Of hand protected, one hand wore glove. MCU Of underside of neck and left shoulder.

Patient: Tsuda. Showing back of neck and left side of face. Left ear showing cartilage unaffected.

Patient: Hirate. Showing body of male patient in position at time when he was riding his bicycle at time of blast. CU Of head and shoulders, down angle. Left forearm showing protection afforded by wrist watch strap.

Patient: Fukami. Left side of face. Full view of face showing sharp line of demarcation where the cap was worn. Right side of face. CU Of mouth.

Patient: Yoshimura. Back and right shoulder. Looking at the right side of right breast showing protection afforded the breast by the right arm. Looking at the right shoulder and breast showing their respective positions at the time of the blast.