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Synopsis: Documenting the first atomic bomb explosion code name Trinity to the aftermath of the destruction of Hiroshima and Nagasaki Japan that ended WWII. (read more...)
Information: 1945 31:06 min BW
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On July 16, 1945 cameras recorded three different views of the first explosion of an atomic bomb and the first test of a nuclear weapon at the White Sands Proving Grounds (now White Sands Missile Range) near Alamogordo New Mexico. Trinity was the the code name of the test of “the gadget” as the device was called. Brief images of the plants in New Mexico, Oak Ridge Tennessee, and Hanford Washington that developed the atomic bomb.

Shows map of Japan, scenes in Hiroshima, and the Hiroshima garrison of Japanese troops  before it was bombed on August 6, 1945. Excellent image of B-29 depicting the Enola Gay in flight over Japan. A map depicts the area of Hiroshima directly under the atom bomb blast and shows the ruins and destruction caused by the atomic bomb blast. Scenes of complete devastation of Hiroshima. Members of a U.S. mission inspect the ruins. A Jesuit missionary tells of the atomic bomb blast at Hiroshima and its aftermath. Japanese civilians dig in the rubble and construct shelter. Newspaper headlines reads “Atom Bomb Stuns Foe”.

After ignoring demand to surrender a second atomic bomb was exploded over the Japanese seaport city of Nagasaki on August 9, 1945. Shows Nagasaki manufacturing plants producing materials and weapons of war prior to bombing. A map depicts the area of Nagasaki and shows several  aerial views of the atomic bomb exploding over the city of Nagasaki Japan and the mushroom cloud raising after the explosion. Ground and aerial views of destruction of the industrial plants in that area of Nagasaki. Japanese rebuilding homes using material from the rubble. Closes with image of an atomic bomb explosion.