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Hiroshima Blast Effects And Physical Damage

Public Domain Stock Footage Hiroshima Blast Effects And Physical Damage

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keywords: wwii, pacific theater, japan, hiroshima, atomic bomb, nuclear attack, enola gay, little boy

Synopsis: Building and structural damage to the city of Hiroshima after the US attacked with an atomic bomb...(read more)

  • Date: 1946
  • Duration: 00:21:20
  • Sound: No
  • Color: Color
  • Type: Public Domain
  • Language: English
  • Location: Hiroshima Japan

Hiroshima - Blast Effects And Physical Damage

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Hiroshima - Blast Effects And Physical Damage

Shows damage to structures and blast effects from the atomic bomb (Little Boy) dropped on Hiroshima Japan August 6, 1945. Shows displacement of grave stone in cemetery. Pan E to W bridge 22 as viewed from the W bank of the Motoyasu River. Shows effect of blast to deck, ornaments and stone lanterns. The stone lantern on SW end of bridge collapsed as result of blast. Showing displacement of various parts of stone lanterns. Stone lantern on the NW end of bridge collapsed. Pan R to L from center of bridge 22 looking NE at stone lantern and destroyed retaining wall along the east bank of Motoyasu River.

"Goddess Kwannon" toppled from its' base, due to effect of blast. The base from which the "Goddess of Mercy Kwannon" was toppled by blast. The prone statue of "Goddess of Mercy" looking skyward. A headless wooden statue, dressed in carved flowing robe, which was felled by blast. Showing the effect of blast on a granite post supporting a pine tree. Small vault which is all that remains of a Court. Shows effect of blast to steel doors. Steel door opened shows the bowing effect. Brick load bearing structure collapsed as result of blast subsequent to gutting by fire. Building formerly was the Library. Showing east side of building 46 in which 2nd floor of the building is now resting on the ground. Looking SW of building 46 showing the effect of blast on the structure and its displacement towards the east. The NE corner of the tower showing effect of blast.

Laborers pushing long bamboo on a cart and two women and children and a horse wagon passes in front of camera. People walking through the ruins. Two Hiroshima streetcars were immobilized. Showing the collapsed two-story structure. Reinforced concrete residence which was superficially damaged by blast and destroyed by fire. Collapsed granite Torii situated at the entrance to inner shrine. A granite lantern on the NW corner of inner shrine whose upper portion was rocked by blast and, during the moment in which separated from its base, a bit of flying debris was blown under it and trapped as the stone regained its equilibrium. Light steel frame roof members. Two-story residence. Light wooden frame structure with brick lower portion which served as warehouse.

Three Japanese children walking towards camera with destroyed typical two-story Japanese wooden dwelling in background. Dodge four door sedan, which was demobilized a few feet from its present position showing effect of blast. Pan shot take from a point between Tsurumi and Yanagi Bridges on the W bank of Kyobashi River showing area of destruction which stretches W between Kyobashi and Motoyasu River. In the foreground is an area completely devastated and in the background can be seen buildings 23, 18, 43, and 41. More footage of displacement of stone lanterns. Panning shot of destruction. Showing building 51, the "Chugoku Newspaper Building" which was superficially damaged and gutted by fire.

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