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Nagasaki Aftermath 1946 - Physical Damage

Public Domain Stock Footage Nagasaki Aftermath 1946 Physical Damage

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keywords: wwii, pacific theater, japan, nagasaki, nuclear attack, atomic bomb damage

Synopsis: Nuclear bomb damage to the Japanese City Of Nagasaki 1946 with debris mounds and shells of buildings made of concrete...(read more)

  • Date: 1946
  • Duration: 00:22:15
  • Sound: No
  • Color: Color
  • Type: Public Domain
  • Language: English
  • Location: Nagasaki Japan

Nagasaki Aftermath 1946 - Physical Damage

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Nagasaki Aftermath 1946 - Physical Damage

Agriculture Phase: Following the atomic bomb (Fat Man) dropped on Nagasaki Japan August 9, 1945. 700 feet from zero, Japanese man prepares soil and deposits fertilizer (human feces) mixed with rotten straw in preparation to later plant wheat. A Japanese woman polishes rice by primitive means. The amount of rice contained in the solid stone container is one month's ration for six adults.

A group of Japanese children walk into the picture. Looking across the Nagasaki Valley opposite the Shirayama National School and the Chenzei National School. 4200 feet from zero. Concrete walls Nagasaki prison. Looking N at concrete smokestack of prison boiler house. Pan from L to R (N to E) starting at E end of prison past the Deaf and Dumb Institute, Kindergarten School, and ending at the Urakami Cathedral. Showing the Yamazato School, while in the foreground a group of children are shown walking away from the camera (approx. 900 feet from zero). Looking NE showing Deaf and Dumb School, Kindergarten School and Urakami Cathedral (approx. 1000 feet from zero). Catholic Seminary (also known as the Catholic Missionary School) which lies approx. 4800 feet from zero.

Urakami Cathedral which lies approx. 1700 feet from zero. Camera position 100 feet from zero. Bridge No. 10 in foreground while in the background on top of hillside is the Shirayama School. S wing is badly demolished. Pan down from S wing of school above to the bridge. The two pylons shown have a displacement of seven inches, while the one n the background shows a displacement of twelve inches. Showing NW corner of bridge and the W wall of the River which is displaced due to blast. The wall now lies on its side, its length is approx. 250 feet.

Overall view of the Shirayama School. Looking N showing rubble and machine lathes. The building in background is all that remains of the Unzen Fire Brick Company which includes the demolished smokestack, a small section which still stands. Showing another view of the Unzen Fire Brick Company. Looking NW at the Commercial School as seen from a point (S side of hill) approx. 3700 feet from zero. Pan from L to R showing the small outer buildings (Machine Shops) and the W and N wings of school. Same as above, another angle using a telephoto lens to show the twisted and demolished roof. Building H located approx. 1900 feet from zero at 140 degrees showing the exterior quarter of the S face of the building which is strewn with debris including mattresses, beds, clothing, splintered wood, and plaster lathe. Destroyed buildings of the University Complex and few remaining buildings of the Nagasaki Medical School. LS Showing the two smokestacks of the main boiler room. LS Chenzei School located 1400 feet from zero. Group of Japanese boys playing a game of "Johnny Ride a Pony".