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Newsreels: 1966 Events At Home And Abroad
Newsreels 1966 stock footage documents world events, politics and war as well as sports, fashion and entertainment for the year of 1966. Our Public Domain Stock Footage newsreels cover every major world event, the not so major events, strides in technology, the lives of public figures, fads and trends. Newsreels 1966 is an incredibly rich resource of visual history that tells the story of the year 1966.
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Surveyor Makes Space History:
Surveyor A lands on the moon in the first attempted soft landing by a United States spacecraft. It's so precisely completed, it comes down on target after a quarter of a million mile, 63 hour journey, which defies the imagination. It sends to Earth live TV pictures, snapping itself in one; showing a moon rock and pebbles in another. The world applauds the American Moon touchdown.

Indianapolis 500 Classic:
London driver, Graham Hill, wins the 1966 Indianapolis classic 500 mile auto race at Indianapolis Speedway. 14 car smash up in a chain reaction pileup, 10 seconds at the start. Only seven cars finished the race. Jim Clark, Scotland, is second, while Jim of Arlington McElreath of Arlington, Texas is third. 225,000 racing fans watch it all happen.

Gemini Nine's Triumph:
Astronauts Tom Stafford andGene Cernan complete their successful three-day Gemini 9 mission with a perfect splashdown. The twice post both spaceflight included Cernan's record spacewalk for over two hours. Their reentry and landing is the most perfect of any spaceflight to date.

Dominican Republic Elections:
In a surprise victory, Joaquin Balaguer defeat Jaun Bosch in the Dominican Republican presidential elections. Joaquin Balaguer polls over 58% of the vote. He was the reformist party candidate while Bosch was the leader of the Revolutionary Party.

World Premiere in New Mexico:
The city of Albuquerque, New Mexico goes all-out for the world premiere of universal's And Now Magill, the story of a boy struggled to prove himself a man. 13-year-old Pat Cardi, stars in the film, produced by Robert Radnitz. Even Albuquerque's school kids get the day off to attend the premiere.

Record Mile Run:
At the Los Angeles Coliseum, 19-year-old Jim Runyan of Kansas, sets a new American mile record of three minutes 53 and 710 seconds; just 1/10 of a second off the world record. Many believe you be the first 3:50 miler.

The Belmont Stakes:
Amberoid comes from behind to pass a tiring kauai king and win the Belmont stakes, the last step in racing triple crown. kauai king as Artie won the first two legs, the Kentucky Derby and Preakness, and would have been the first horse in 18 years to take all three and the crown. The finish; Amberoid, Buffale, and even Advocator nipped Kauai King by a neck for third place.

Abnormal Storm Hits Florida:
In the earliest appearance of a hurricane in history, Alma, spreads death and destruction throughout the Caribbean -- -- from Honduras, to Cuba, winding up by pounding both sides of the Florida peninsula. Winds are clocked at a 110 miles per hour.

Aircraft Disaster:
The giant supersonic experimental bomber, the Air Force X B- 70, and an F-104 chase plane, collided over California. Two men are killed. One of them is Joe Walker, holder of the world's altitude and speed records. The XB-70 cost a half billion dollars to build.

California Primary:
55-year-old actor Ronald Reagan defeats his Republican opponent and governor Edmund Brown wins over his, as they both poll landslide votes in California's primary. The showdown election in November finds Brown an underdog and Reagan a possible ' 68 Republican presidential candidate.

Gemini 9 Triumph:
Astronauts Stanford and cernan return, by plane, to Cape Kennedy just as films they took aloft, are released. The picture show the angry alligator target docking vehicle whose plastic nose cover failed to jettison, preventing the docking maneuver. Cernan's spacewalk -- -- and for the first time -- -- films all the craft's reentry phase, are other highlights of this story.

Tornado Leaves Ruin In Wake:
17 people killed, damage over $100 million, in the worst disaster ever to strike Topeka, Kansas. The tornado ripped up half a half-mile wide and 15 miles long across the state capital. Washburn University suffered most with ever single building on campus damaged or destroyed.

Forest Firefighters:
With the summer forest fire season directly ahead, and with sweeping California forest fires already reported, the smoke jumpers at the Forest Service school in Redmond, Oregon are ready. The leap from aircraft, parachute down, fight the flames, and save our national woodlands.

The First Family Visits New York:
Mixing politics and personal reunions, President Johnson and Mrs. Johnson makes an unannounced visit to New York to attend two formal dinner dances. With the presidential party are Lucy Baines and her fiancé, Pat Nugent, who posed for pictures with the president.

Memorial Library Dedicated:
A new building is dedicated at the annual meeting of the Will Rogers Memorial fund,Saranac Lake, New York. The Montague Memorial Liebrary And Study Center will be used to expand knowledge of respiratory diseases. Motion picture, and radio and television industry representatives attend.

Sports: Spring Derby in Germany.
In Hamburg, Germany, the spring Derby brings out a pack of the finest thoroughbred jumpers and riders. Some of the steep jumps give all the horses trouble. Torro, with rider kurt Jarasinski, turns in a perfect ride and takes first prize.

Hong Kong Disaster:
Torrential Rains Set off Disastrous Floods and Landslides in the British Crown Colony of Hong Kong. Results: more than 80 dead and 71 injured. It's the worst natural catastrophe to strike the colony in years and the weather outlook is still critical.

Amsterdam Riots:
One worker is dead and some 60 persons injured as street rioting sweeps through the Dutch capital city of Amsterdam. The riots continuing day and night, run for three days. Workers protest a pay reduction and are joined by hoodlums. For the first time in Holland, tear gas is used.

The Zoo Story:
A passing parade of rhinos, hippos, and apes -- -- and their young ones, at the Berlin zoo. Mothers and children bathe -- eat -- and cuddled together to delight the huge crowd which turns out daily to watch the amusing goings on.

New York a Summer Munsterville!
Actors Fred Gwynne and Al Lewis, better known as Fuhrman and Grandpa Münster of America's most famous TV family, arrive at New York's Kennedy Airport. They are in town for personal appearances promoting their feature-link movie Monster, Go Home.

Sports -- Ascot Opening Day:
Queen Elizabeth, Prince Philip, the Queen Mother, and guest prints And Princes Rainier, are all on hand for the opening day he often Ascot's four-day meet, the most famous in the world.Tubalcain noses out Shira in a thriller.

Big E's Homecoming:
The world's mightiest warship, The Atomic Powered Aircraft Carrier Enterprise, sails into its home port, San Francisco, after eight months of battle duty off Vietnam. It's an emotional homecoming as families and friends mobbed the dock, greeting their heroes.

Jet Crash Tragedy:
A mother and her one-year-old son are killed, 44 persons hurt, when one of two Marine jet bombers which collided in midair, comes down in Hampton, Virginia. 10 homes were leveled. The four Marine crewmen bail out safely.

De Gaulle in Russia:
President De Gaulle arrives in Moscow for a 12 day state visit. He's greeted by both premier Kosygin and president Podgorny. At a Kremlin banquet, following a triumphal motorcade, De Gaulle urges French-Russian unity toward increased world peace.

king Faisal Visits Washington:
Pomp and ceremony marked President Johnson's greeting to king Faisal of Saudia Arabia, on a three-day state visit in the nation's capital. The two leaders discuss the entire world situation. Faisal pledges increased understanding.

Casper Wins U.S. Open:
Billy Casper and Arnold Palmer meet in an 18-hole playoff to decide the winner of the 66th U.S. Open Championship at Olympic golf club, San Francisco. The day before, Palmer had blown a seven stroke lead to Casper. Casper cards a 69 to win it by four strokes!

Vietnam Heroes:
Operation Hawthorne, 40 miles north of Pleiku in Vietnam, rescues the men of an Army special forces camp, under heavy attack by the Vietcong. Men of the Screaming Eagles -- -- airlifted to the area, turn the tide of battle. Meanwhile, at the White House, Lt. Charles Williams receives the medal of honor from President Johnson for heroism in a similar operation, defending a green beret camp.

Brooklyn Navy Yard Closes:
The closing of the Brooklyn Navy yard in special ceremonies, marks the end of the 165 year era of shipbuilding and repair, and closes the gates of one of the world's greatest shipyards. Some 70,000 men and women worked in the yard during the peak employment years of World War II. The yards closing is an economy move.

A A U Track Meet:
In AAU Outdoor Track And Field Championships, at Randall's Island, New York, sees Ed Burke D. to Harold Connolly in the hammer throw in event. Pole vaulter Bob Seagren equals the meet record, leaping 17 feet; Willie Davenport sets a new meet record in the high hurdles at miler Jim Ryun wins over Burleson And Grelle in three minutes fifty-eight and six-tenth seconds.

Vietnam Step-UP:
Defense Secretary McNamara, added dramatic press conference reveals The Deepest Airstrikes in yet in North Vietnam. Oil dump's outside this city is off Haiphong and Hanoi are destroyed in the bombings. Only military targets were hit, however.

Bolivia Ruins:
U N E S C O Sends archaeologists to the ancient Incan ruins of Tiwanaku in Bolivia or articles of a lost civilization perhaps three to nine thousand years old, have already been found. The square-mile excavation yields new discoveries, daily.

Golden Wedding Anniversary for Ike and Mamie:
The Eisenhowers observed their golden wedding anniversary and grant newsmen a special interview at their Gettysburg, Pennsylvania home. They are the first presidential couple to reach the 50th anniversary mark since John Quincy Adams and his wife, 119 years ago.

Dancing Elephant:
Teenage Bertha, on elephant from Sparks, Nevada, can't do the twist along with the most swivel-hipped kids in town. She even teaches the dance to youngsters. She's a performer and go-go dancer at a theater restaurant in Nevada.

Churchhill's Home Opened to Public:
Chartwell in Kent, England, for 40 years the country home of Sir Winston Churchill is now open to the public. Earl mountbatten explains the importance of this home. Inside its doors are personal possessions which reflects some of the great moments of his life.

What's New?
Among the newest designs in craft aloft and afloat are these:
a one man helicopter, easily operated in very maneuverable. Also, unsinkable lifeboat which is capsize proof. It has a huge ballast tank of seawater which acts as a stabilizer.
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